Water Coolers for Summer: How Do They Work?

All of us like drinking cool water in the summer season. Right? And it is not always possible to buy bottles of cold water from outside. However, the advancement in technology has presented to us several beneficial home appliances and one such important appliance is a water cooler. A water cooler can be referred to as a machine or appliance which can provide both hot and cool water with the help of a refrigerant part. They are an important appliance for the summer season and can be used everywhere, including workplaces, schools, colleges, and homes. 

A water cooler can be fixed in a variety of ways. Some can be mounted on the wall, whereas some can be just placed in the kitchen of your house. Here are some important ways in which water cooler functions:


A lot of modern-day water coolers provide the function of refrigeration for making the water chilled. They make use of different techniques such as thermoelectric cooling and vapour compression refrigeration. The vapour compression system comprises many systems such as the reservoir system, pressure vessel direct chill system and ice bank cooling system.

Thermoelectric cooling is an eco-friendly alternate option to HFC refrigeration which makes use of a device with the solid state to function as a heat pump in order to move heat from one part of the device to the next. It comprises several pairs of partial conductors of heat encircled using wafers made up of ceramic. 


Present-day water coolers are well equipped with choices for carbonated water as an outcome of the rising demand for such beverages and also as a greater concern to a healthy lifestyle. This is a very important function of water coolers which has made them so popular. 

Bottle filling

The latest versions of water cooler comprise an extra dispenser which is made to fill water in the bottles straight on wall mounted parts. This can be very commonly seen in the case of water coolers placed in public areas such as airports, railway platforms, etc. These bottle filling parts can also show the number of plastic bottles that can be saved as a part of several awareness programs run by activists to decrease pollution caused by plastic. 

Water filtration 

Water coolers not just provide cold water, but they also filter the water to its purest form and make sure that you get the taste of freshwater. The water dispensed from water coolers is absolutely healthy and is free from any toxic substances or chemicals. The water filtration process in a water cooler comprises different stages which makes sure the water is completely free from any unwanted toxicants. One can now get coolers on rent in Bangalore with an easy process. 

These are some highly advantageous functions of water coolers. You should definitely consider buying a water cooler for yourself in the summer season. It also helps you in saving a lot of your money since you no longer have to get chilled drinks from the market to quench your thirst. The water cooler can do it for you more conveniently. You can get a fridge on rent if you don’t want to buy one. 

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