Watch Bigg Boss Ultimate Streaming 24×7 on Disney Hotstar from January 30

Bigg Boss Ultimate contestants are ready to step into the house with their 2.0 version. The contestant’s promos fall on social media with different content. All participants promo with the worst situation they face in the Bigg Boss house. The highly anticipated Bigg Boss ultimate will start tomorrow.

The names of the confirmed participants had already been leaked and most of the names were correct. Bigg Boss fans expected that few participants would be part of Bigg Boss Ultimate as they wanted most of the Bigg Boss participants to be part of Bigg Boss Ultimate now. Bigg Boss Season 1 fans are so excited to see Suja Varunee, Snehan, Oviya and Julie in Bigg Boss Ultimate House.

From Season 2 of Bigg Boss, Balaji and Shariq will be part of this new Bigg Boss Ultimate. The most anticipated contestant from the fans was in Season 3, and this season is always special because it holds a special place in the hearts of Bigg Boss fans.

While there will be no contestant from the “We are the boys” gang, Season 3’s main contestant, Vanitha, will be part of Bigg Boss Ultimate. Along with Vanitha Vijayakumar, Season 3 Abirami is also part of this 24X7 reality show. Three contestants from Season 4 will be part of the new beginning, and the housemates are Anitha Sampath, Balaji Murugadoss and Suresh Chakravarthi.

It is still a question mark whether Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 contestants will participate in Bigg Boss Ultimate. The episodes will be broadcast 24 Hours Live. Check out the new Bigg Boss Ultimate on Disney+ Hotstar.

The big launch of Bigg Boss Ultimate will take place on January 30, 2022. While the show will have a 24-hour live stream and daily flagged clips, the 1-hour 30-minute episode airs every day at 9:00 PM on Disney+ Hotstar.


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