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Was it the Clown? Gala Dinner on cruise ship escalated into a mass brawl

On the journey home from a week-long boat trip to interact with some pass in the night on Friday on a cruise ship, apparently the Fuses are blown. TV Reporter Richard Gaisford, randomly on Board the “Britannia,” reported the BBC of a desert mass brawl. Apparently triggered by a Clown-clad passenger.

Stress with the Clown escalated, the shipping company denied

The ship of the British shipping company P&O Cruises was a cruise through the fjords of Norway on the way home. The target: the port of Southampton. The last day on Board some passengers celebrated according to Gaisford particularly excessive. Accordingly, the alcohol flowed freely. In a Restaurant on Deck 16, but escalated in the so-called “Black-Tie”evening. Why between several men in Tuxedos and women in evening dress, suddenly, the fists flew, is unclear. A witness claims to have seen, that a traveller attacked, first, as a Clown-clad passenger. The shipping company denied, however, that a man in a clown costume had been on Board the “Britannia”.

guests hide before flying plates

Whether with or without the Clown – the merry evening ended in a wild brawl. Furniture flew through the air, plates crashed against the walls. “There was blood everywhere,” tweeted Gaisford. Witness fled and hid themselves out of fear of flying objects. Apparently, it should have been in the armed valves to families. The balance of the feud on Board: effusions a total of six of the injured massive blood and cut wounds, a devastated Restaurant and a lot of shards.

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arrived As the boat on Friday in Southampton, the Hampshire constabulary is already ready. “After an incident on Board, we can confirm that all the guests are gone from the Board, and the matter is now in the hands of the local police,” – quoted by the BBC, a spokesman for P&O Cruises. The officers arrested a 43-Year-old and a 41-year-old woman from the Chigwell on suspicion of assault.

Meanwhile, more than 3500 passengers on holidays again on the “Britannia”. The ship put out to sea on Saturday afternoon in Southampton. The first objective is the Mediterranean cruise in the Andalusian port city of Cadiz.

source: “BBC”

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