Want to Bet on IPL? Here’s What You Need to Know About Online IPL Betting

As IPL is one of the richest, prolific, most viewed, star-studded T20 franchise league globally, betting on IPL online is gaining quick traction. It is one of the most significant fixtures on the international cricket calendar, which fans try to cash in by betting online. Being an IPL cricket bettor is challenging but potentially rewarding too. To get to the top, one needs to learn to decode the stats, comprehend the playing settings on the day, and isolate the wheat from the chaff regarding what’s essential and just noise. However, once you get your head around, it will eventually become second nature to you.

Though there are different philosophies that IPL bettors use, to book profits sustainably, the below factors are critical:


Use balanced intuition keeping emotions aside. Have a defined budget and time. Don’t get overwhelmed by losses or profits. Give every game its due backup based on an analytical and strategically defined approach to always stay in control. 

Money Management:

The old saying of not putting all your eggs in one basket aptly applies here. You should always be driven by the intent of being in control by commanding a stronghold on your emotions goes a long way to keep making calculated transactions and profits. 

Identifying a Good Bet: 

In fact, it all starts with zeroing down on a well-rounded team. Most of the successful bettors rely on the betting value. If it’s not decent, they prefer to keep their powder dry. You must also have a fair understanding of cricket betting odds to sail smoothly throughout the tournament. 

What Do Cricketing Betting Odds Mean?

Learning IPL betting starts with inheriting knowledge about the odds and how they work? 

An Odd is simply a probability of something to happen. A 4.0 chance (in decimal odds) is primarily a 3/1 shot. It means that there is a likelihood of winning once in every three times. So, if Rajasthan Royals is 4.0 or 3/1, it means that out of every three tournaments, RR would have a chance to win one. 

Just a heads up – a simple search would fetch you numerous sites that convert percentages into odds.  

How Do Cricketing Odds Work? 

One of the proven tips is that an odds-on chance is a number less than 2.0 (1.3, 1.8, 1.65, etc.). The shorter the odds, the higher is the possibility. 

An odds-against chance is a number greater than 2.0 (3.0, 4.2, 5.11, etc.). The bigger the number, the lower the possibility of the event to happen. Of course, your pay-out will be more if it does win. 

Famous IPL Betting Markets:

Over the years, markets have evolved and there are some, which have become favourite for their endless season-long bets and bets ahead of individual Indian Premier League matches. The following ones are the most popular and relied upon: 

Outright Pick (Tournament):

This market is active even before the IPL starts and consistently updates with the tournament. The odds on the varied teams winning will change as per the results and performances. 

Pre-tournament IPL outright odds with 10CRIC.

 Coin toss: 

It is just about which captain wins the toss. There’s no philosophy or strategy in play here except our intuition and luck. Either way, it’s there if someone wants a chance driven bet. 

The Coin toss market is on Betway. 

Match Result:

It’s all about the winner of the match. You can bet pre-match or in-play too. However, during in-play, the odds will frequently change with each dot, ball, boundary, or wicket. It’s by far the most popular market by a country mile.

Wicket-taker (Purple Cap) and Top Run-Scorer (Orange Cap):

As in outright pick, the odds on the bowlers and batsmen who could be the Orange Cap or Purple Cap winner are offered before the off and continually change during and after the tournament. Since both are such open markets, the odds on any runner are supposedly high if one bet before it begins. 

We hope you got an aerial view of the IPL online betting. However, should you be here for long-term, want to dive deeper into the mechanics, and hidden strategies, log on to cricket-betting.in. 

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