Walmart and Bitcoin: Future Partners?

At this point, Walmart doesn’t accept virtual currency except through the Bitpay merchant processor service. However, Walmart plans to change its stance on virtual currency, triggered in part by Facebook’s name change to Meta. Walmart’s customers will soon be able to spend their virtual currency as freely as they spend their fiat money.

What Types Of Cryptocurrency Will Walmart Accept?

Walmart plans to introduce their proprietary cryptocurrency as well as a variety of NFTs, and those who have the Bitpay app installed can use it to purchase goods at selected Walmart stores. It can’t be used for online orders at this time, but it can be used to purchase gift cards if you have a virtual wallet. Bitpay is a merchant processor that processes all credit and debit cards for merchants, and they’ve added cryptocurrency to their options. Payments accepted by companies such as Bitpay are converted to dollars before they’re transmitted to Walmart. At present, this is the only way that Walmart accepts cryptocurrency.

Walmart is piloting a program to enable Bitcoin purchases at their Coinstar kiosks with a 4% transaction fee and a 7% cash exchange fee. However, the final decision hasn’t been made whether to continue the program, but the outlook is positive.

It’s uncertain whether Walmart will eventually accept Ethereum, and if they do, it will probably be in the early stages of their cryptocurrency program. Fees and commissions for Ethereum transactions are steep, and Walmart isn’t sure that it can recoup them through its customer base. The merchant is disinclined to absorb these costs, so Ethereum may eventually be off the table at Walmart.

What Else Is Walmart Transitioning To?

In addition to its venture into cryptocurrency, Walmart is planning to sell virtual goods so it can expand its customer base. Indications are that Walmart intends to provide new virtual experiences and new virtual products to their customer base to broaden their appeal and revise their image as a discount retailer.

Projections for the success of this venture are optimistic depending on the date their legal filings are approved. However, Walmart is putting every effort into ensuring the success of this venture.

What’s An NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, and non-fungible means that it can’t be replaced with anything else. For example, a one-of-a-kind art piece or trading card can’t be replaced with anything else because they’re unique items. A five-dollar bill, however, can be replaced with another five-dollar bill because there are millions of them that have equal value. An NFT is frequently used in the art world because original art is usually unique.

Are There Legal Issues With NFT Transactions?

Some experts speculate that Walmart’s foray into cryptocurrency may cause governmental crackdowns, the same as Facebook’s Diem project was prevented from occurring. This is because governmental regulators consider some of these types of currencies to be competition with the fiat currency currently in use.

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