Walker Season 2: Confirmed Release Date Information Available Here

Walker Season 2 is coming back to CW, we have the recent updates about the crime-thriller series which is based on the character Cordell Walker, who was an undercover agent and now returned from Austin after two years.

The series is based on the struggle of Walker to manage his relationship with his two children as his wife is no more now. Now he is a Forest Ranger and he is dealing with his conservative family and new life partner.

Walker Season 2: Confirmed Release Date Information Available Here

As we all know the Season 1 of the show was released this year only on 21st January 2021on CW, which had comprised of 15 episodes. Season 1 was all about his relationship and changes after his wife’s death. And at the end of season 1, the mystery of his wife’s death becomes more suspicious.

The Release Date of Walker Season 2

Season 1 of the show was really very good, so Season 2 has been renewed and is ready to be released on CW this month on the 28th of October, 2021 at 8 PM ET.

For the fans who are waiting to watch it on stream, they have to wait for one day to watch the episode on CW Network’s Streaming Platform.

The Cliffhanger of Season 1 Episode 18 was very intimidating so fans must be waiting for the Walker Season 2.

What can be the plot of Season 2?

Season 1 was ended with so many questions about the death of Walker’s wife and the till the end the plot had become more intense and dark. So we may get the same vibe from the starting of the Season 2 of the show. Cordell Walker is back as the Texas Ranger on the screen and will solve the mystery of his wife’s death.

Do you know about the cast and crew of the show?

Walker Season 2 has been written by Anna Fricke who is famous for his works like Being Human and Valor, He is also the executive producer and showrunner of the series.

The Returning Cast from Season 1

  • Jared Padalecki will reprise the role of Cordell Walker
  • Lindsey Morgan will be back as Micki Ramirez
  • Keegan Allen will again be featured as Liam Walker
  • Stella Walker’s role will again be played by Violet Brinson
  • Kale Culley will also be back as August Walker
  • Coby Bell is returning as Larry James
  • Jeff Pierre is coming back as Tery Barnett
  • Mitch Pileggi will be back as Bonhan Walker

Black Phone Star Mason Thames joining the Walker Cast as Young Cordell in Season 2

As per ComicBook, Mason Thames has officially joined the cast of Walker Season 2 as he will be playing the role of young Cordell Walker in the series, He wil mostly be seen in the flashback scenes only.


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