Waffles + Mochi Season 2 Release Date, Intro, Voice Actors – What the show is about?

With the rise in demand for ASMR food clips and toddlers taking over the internet, Waffles + Mochi is an educational food program for kids. It is narrated and hosted by analytical glove puppet buddies who love to ramble around the world, studying and exploring the beauty of various cultures and traditions along with the distinct cuisines, the enchanting process of making each of them, the aromatic mouth-watering flavors, and much more.

What adds more class and significance to the show is that these pals learn how to cook from none other than the former First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama. She accompanies them on their beautiful escapades. Well, a responsible person that Mrs. Obama is, she adds a fun element to the show. She gives her critical advice to the young viewers, emphasizing the importance of healthy food consumption.

Waffles + Mochi Season 2 Release Date

About The Show?

Since America has been scientifically declared as an obese nation, steps are being taken to promote the importance of health and food. Season 1 managed to get a decent success. The audience was much impressed with its purpose, which was to educate the audience, which predominantly comprises children, thus attempting to bring down the childhood obesity rates and following diseases like cardiac problems and blood pressure. It has been highly regarded by critics citing it as educational and entertaining at the same time. Season 2 is much awaited by its audience.

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Coming Up Premiere:

Season 1 aired on Netflix on16th March 2021and comprised of 10 seasons which were 26-32 minutes long. As we know, it’s a toddler’s show; we know there aren’t going to be any cliffhangers in such a kind of informative show. Thus the makers haven’t yet confirmed either the renewal or the cancellation of the show.

In a show with such concepts and undertones, the makers can only depend upon the kind of reception the first season gets, the type of recognition it receives after all the episodes have been released, a decision regarding the second season will be made. Another point here is that this series was not premiered as a limited one so that fans can be expecting a release of the second season in few months or by 2022.

Waffles + Mochi Season 2 Release Date

Voice Actors:

Now coming to the voice actors, Dionna Elsie Burnett gives her voice to Magricart, a beloved character on the show; Taleia Gilliam lends her voice to Shelfie while Hayward voices the character of Puppeteer. Piotr Michael gives voice for Mochi, Michelle Zamora is the voice behind Waffles, while Katie Leclerc gives her voice for herself, that is Katie Leclerc, the character.

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These actors will probably be lending their voices to the same characters again in season 2, while Michelle Obama will be mentoring Waffles and Mochi in the next season. Creators Jeremy Konner and Erica Thormahlen have already been much praised for creating a show that tackles unhealthy food habits and teaches a more healthy diet among the viewers, thus encouraging them for a season 2.


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