Vikings Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Story, Spoilers – Will the series return for a seventh season?

Vikings was a popular TV Series on both Amazon Prime Video and History Channel. The sixth season featuring two distinctive parts was the last time the series appeared on both platforms. Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the series’s prominent characters, was killed off in the fourth season. Nevertheless, the series still retained a healthy following from across the world.

Given that the series has officially ended, fans are still expecting if the makers will bring the seventh season series. The articles feature all the information regarding the seventh season if it will back for airing or not.


Will Vikings have a seventh season?

Vikings have been the longest-running historical drama that aired on Television. The series premiered sometime in 2013; the series did gain a massive and cult following across the world.

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The series featured around 89 episodes on Television. However, the makers took the liberty of revealing that the sixth season will be the last. Moreover, to make the finale season quite interesting, the makers announced that the series would be further divided into two parts.

Vikings Season 7 Release Date:

Vikings Season 7 Release Date

No development regarding the release of the seventh season has been done since the series finale.

The historical saga ended with ten final episodes. However, there is something that the fans need to know. The fans are in for a treat as the makers have come up with a spin-off series called Valhalla which will feature on Netflix. There is a highly likely chance that Vikings’ primary character, Rollo, played by Clive Standen, is all set to be a feature on the spin-off series.

Vikings’ spin-off series details

The spin-off sequel is all set to feature 100 years right after the events on Vikings’ finale. England will be making its stand against invaders from Scandinavia in the forthcoming spin-off series, Valhalla.

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The creator of Vikings, Michael Hirst, released a statement amid the sixth season’s revival saying that he was sure the series would end after an 89-episode run. Hirst also said that Ragnar Lothbrok’s saga alongside his sons had met its ultimate conclusion. The fans did receive a definitive and subtle ending to ease their aching heart as the series ended.

After the death of Ragnar, the fans were enraged with the series. Some were calling forward to boycott the series. However, things finally worked up for the betterment of the series.

Vikings' spin-off series

The spin-off does soften the blow of Vikings’ end.

There might be a chance that fans of Vikings will see the older version of Ragnar’s sons. Ever since Ragnar met his demise, Ivar has become one of the central characters in the sixth season, so fans thought the series might see Ivar or his memoir in the spin-off series Valhalla.

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The spin-off series will revolve around people from Iceland as the creator has a knack for Icelandic Literature. Long story short, Vikings will not return either on History Channel or Amazon Prime Video. Instead, the fans will be treated with a spin-off series on Netflix.

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