Vijay TV files lawsuit against the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3: Madhumitha

The third season run Bigg Boss Season 3 did go through a small yet a significant shortcoming. In addition to this, in the previous week, the reality TV Show did take an ugly turn which the fans were not expecting.

A terrible incident took place concerning Bigg Boss Season 3 where a contestant harmed herself due to no support from other housemates. Madhumita, one of the most fan-favorite and outstanding contestants of Bigg Boss did inflict self-harm on herself by cutting her wrists. The Tamil actress left the show for good in over the weekend.

What made Madhumitha self-harm her?

Madhumitha Eliminated

A minimal incident concerning the Cauvery water issue lead the housemates to gang up against Madhumitha. After that actress openly tried to address an ongoing problem, she was immediately put into the sideline, and the other contestants began to bash her.

Later, the controversies led to the point of no return when a voiceover said that the Tamil actress harmed herself only to prove a point. The fundamental rule of the show suggests that the contestants cannot harm themselves at any circumstances or at any point in time. Moreover, this was the reason as to why Madhumitha had to go through a forced elimination.

A law-suit has been filed against Madhumitha due to self-harm infliction

On the 21st of August 2019, Prasad, a legal department manager of Vijay TV, has reportedly filed a case of self-harm against the notable Tamil actress. The lawsuit was filed in the Police Station of Guindy. The case file states that Madhumitha has been paid Rs 11,50,000 according to prior agreement. In the case file, it is also mentioned that the payment of around 42 is going to be settled.

Nevertheless, before two days, Madhumita made contact with the organizer of Bigg Boss Tamil. She also sent a voice message that if the show doesn’t pay her dues in a couple of days, then she will kill herself.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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