Vijay TV Awards 2021 Winners List: Who Are the Winners

The famous Vijay TV Awards in its 6th year is arriving soon. The well-known Tamilian television series and shows will fight for the much-awaited award of this year. The talented Vijay is the real star-maker when grooming talents and broadcasting notable non-fiction shows.

Some of the outstanding 2021 shows are “Cook with Comali” second season, Raja Rani. All these shows have successfully captivated their viewers. The star hosting incredible participants also made shows like Super Singer worth watching. Most of the celebrities who do presentations on the channel will get together in this award show. There are possibilities of the show later releasing in OTTs like Disney Hotstar.

Vijay TV Awards 2021 Winners List: Who Are the Winners

Winners of 2021 Vijay Television awards

All the winners have successfully won thousands of audience hearts. The winner of the Best female in a negative role is Farina as Venba from Bharathi Kannamma. The Best Reality Show was Cook with Comail season 2; the Best Director is Parveen Bennett for directing Bharathi Khannamma and Raja Rani 2. And the most trending pair is Ashwin and Shivangi.

Why is Vijay Television Awards 2021 famous?

The audiences are waiting to watch the award show because of the glamour of the show. The show is taking entertainment to the next level. The promo of Vijay’s television Awards is also fascinating for television lovers. As per the latest promo, the viewers will witness celebrities like Priyanka DD, Handsome DD, Erode Mahesh, Pugal, among other well-known faces.

As soon as we get to know about this television show’s result, we will notify our viewers. It is confirmed that most of the awards are won by Bharathi Khannamma along with the show Cook with Comali 2. We are also keen to know along with the viewers about the other list of awards from the Vijay Television awards 2021.

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