Veteran comedian Venu Madhav is on ventilator – Condition critical

The medical officials are currently suggesting that the condition of Venu Madhav is extremely critical. By the looks of it, Madhav has been admitted to one of the reputed private hospitals. In addition to this, the veteran comedian is also being treated in the ICU by a team of remarkable doctors.

The recent reports are suggesting that Venu Madhav has been put into ventilator as his condition is deteriorating. The medical reports also point out to the fact that Madhav has been in a brawl with the kidney-related ailment for quite some time now. The moment Madhav’s health condition became severe, he was immediately sent to Yashoda Hospital which is located in Secunderabad.

Venu’s health condition has shocked his fans

Over the course of time, the film offers of Venu did also reduce significantly. Venu also came up with a comment stating that most of the recent day comedy isn’t up to the mark. Additionally,  Venu has been turning down roles in the film industry as the present-day comedy is very cheap.

venu madhav

The comedian also said that there is wider use of the “swear” words in the films these days. In the past, there were several rumors regarding Venu health condition. Nevertheless, the comedian has quashed the reports of his ailing several times.

However, the recent news regarding Venu getting admitted in the hospital and the condition becoming series is a massive shock to the fans. The film fraternity is deeply in shock after they heard about Venu’s health condition. In addition to this, Venu is very much active in the Telugu Desam Political Party. So far, he has been an active participant of the campaigns for Nandyal By-election along with the election campaign of 2019.

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