Valmiki / Gaddalakonda Ganesh Day 1 Collection – First Day Box Office Collections

Varun Tej’s Valmiki which later got renamed to Gaddalakonda Ganesh in the eleventh hour has released yesterday. And fans of Varun Tej and film lovers are eager to know how much the film collected on day one. So here are the numbers.

In case, you didn’t know, the film’s theatrical rights were sold for a higher rate than any other Varun Tej’s film. The worldwide theatrical value of the film is 25 crores. So the film has to perform much better than all every other Varun Tej movie achieve breakeven.

Valmiki / Gaddalakonda Ganesh Day 1 Collection

Valmiki First Day Collections

The film opened to a positive talk and that resulted in a hike in advance booking of the first and second shows. 90% 95% Occupancy has increased to almost 100% in night shows in some centers.

Not only day one’s booking, even advance booking for the first weekend has improved. However, that’s a topic for another article. Right now, let’s talk about Valmiki’s first-day box office collections.

Valmiki Day 1 Box Office Collections Worldwide

Nizam: 2.6 crores gross (1.6 crores share)
Nizam + AP: 6.6 Crores Gross (4.5 crores share)
USA: 2.5 Crores Gross (1 crores share)
Rest Of The World: 1.6 Crores Gross (0.7 crores share)

Total First Day BoxOffice Collections: 10 Crores Gross (6.2 crores share)

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Note: These are just early estimates. Data is gathered from multiple sources. We cannot guarantee you that the numbers are accurate.

That is a great start. Considering there is a good talk for the movie and with a weekend ahead, the film is expected to do extremely well in the coming days and the week after that. We will have to wait and see how well the film will do.

What do you think? How much will the film collect in the first week? and in its total lifetime? Do let us know by writing in the comments section below. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more updates on Valmiki collections.

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