Vakeel Saab Worldwide Pre Release Business Report and Collections – Pawan Kalyan

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has made his comeback after 3 years with Vakeel Saab, directed by Viru Sriram. The remarked version of the movie Pink is foreseen that it will break the box office records. Post Nagarjuna’s Wild Dog, this movie is the second most hit movie post-pandemic.

The casting of the Film

The film stars celebrities like Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, and beautiful Ananya Nigella in the main roles. The main plot of the film deals with sexual harassment against women and the orthodox views of society. Pawan Kalyan played the character of a lawyer in the movie.

Other than that, the film will also cast Shruti Hasan and Prakash Raj in important roles. The camera setups have been looked after by PS Vinod. The music composer for the film is A Thaman.

Vakeel Saab Pre business reports

vakeel saab

As the Pre business box office reports suggest, thee has done a fantasy business. As the news suggests, the high dramatic movie has collected more than 26 crore rupees, 13 crore rupees, and 10.5 crore rupees from the Nizam, Ceded Uttarandhra regions chronologically. The total acquired money for the movie from the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana region is approximately Rs 76 crore, which is fantastic.

Outside the region of Andhra and Telangana in India, the movie has collected Rs 5.5 crore. And overseas, the film has secured more than 5 crore rupees. In total, the film has gathered a sum amount of 89.5 Cr Rupees.

Therefore, with such an extraordinary pre-release report and keep in mind fans’ demand from the movie, it can be expected that the film will be a treat to its audiences. Pawan Kalyan’s unapologetic lawyer role is like a cherry on top of the cake. His fans are keenly waiting to see their idol’s features in the film.

It will be fascinating to look at what impact the film makes on its audiences.

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