Unmasking The Identity Behind Mister Bones? From The Stargirl Season 2

The Stargirl season 2 finale has come and gone, and now we’ve got questions aplenty in regards to Mister Bones. Is he poised to have a big role in the upcoming third season?

If we had to guess, the answer we’d hand down here is a pretty-clear “yes.” We are speaking about a comic-book character who can be easily remixed on the show, and also someone who was set up in a way kinda similar to The Shade last season.

Unmasking The Identity Behind Mister Bones? From The Stargirl Season 2One other thing to love here is that he’s being voiced by Keith David, who is about as incredible of a voice actor as you’re ever going to find. He’s already got gravitas and we’ve barely seen him!

Seeing Mister Bones in the finale proves further that very few shows set up their future quite as well as Stargirl has — it not only tied together its second season in a pretty fantastic way, but it laid the groundwork for what will be coming as well. You can see the small scene featuring Mister Bones at the end of the video below.

What did you think about the Mister Bones reveal at the end of the Stargirl season 2 finale?

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