Unleash Your Creativity With These 7 Best Meme Maker Apps

Memes have become quite the rage on social media nowadays. People prefer a good laugh any day and can do anything for that, right from impromptu comedy to the very accessible memes, which can be made as easy as a photo editor on your smartphone. Memes are the single most trending piece which can spark controversy in seconds and also cover up the sleazy details with a light-hearted situation.

You can see a dash of memes on every social media site that you are a part of. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, you will be surprised by the amount of content floating your way all the time. After all, you can’t achieve greatness with a small mind or a restricted thought process. Meme creators are the ones who are behind the scene’s minds at work, trying to make it big in the social circuit.

Here is a selection of the ten most creative meme-makers for the genius creator in you. You can take your pick and rest assured that your page will attract a whole lot of attention. 

1) InVideo

The Meme generator option of InVideo helps you experiment with the photos and videos being added to the meme. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can easily make the meme by using the various formats available to you. You can edit a photo as per your preferences, trim a video or crop a photo, add text and themes to an image or change the background.

Once you are done exploring the options, the meme is ready and can be easily uploaded on any of your social media handles. To make memes that people adore, ensure that you are authentic and prepared to be inventive. Remember the feeling cute meme; it certainly made a place in people’s hearts because of its originality and quirky nature. You can use the pre-loved templates to make the most of the experience and assure that it will be a crowd favorite.    

2) MemeGenerator

After InVideo, another popular option is this online meme maker, which can help you create your customized memes with the templates and text boxes available in the features section. The meme maker gives you suggestions of the social circle trends to rank your meme high on the charts. You can choose between an image, illustration, or stickers as well.

You can either create a brand new meme with your witty remarks or add to the viral memes. With the meme ready, you are now prepared to send it across various platforms on which you’re socially active and wish to post it. To make your meme count, a certain amount of research of the target population is essential, which can only be done by you. 

3) LiveMeme

The meme maker is easy to use and accessible to all. The meme maker is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is select from a wide variety of images present on the homepage and then pick one of your choices. In addition to this, it also gives you a list of icons of memes in the form of thumbnails from which you can select the best one to be edited.

The pe-existing images are from the collection of famous memes, which can be uploaded with minor variations or tweak it to your style preferences. The sharing option is easy to use and readily available for the memes created by you.

4) Canva

The plethora of options present in the application and online make it a brilliant meme maker, just like the InVideo application. Templates can be modified and decorated by displaying your creativity and ingenuity. The stock photos are aplenty and can be used with major or minor changes.

Filters and illustrations are many and more to play around with. You can add a quirky element by adding images of yourself and memes with varying fonts and colors. 

5) Mematic

This is a dedicated application for iPhone users and is a popular option with its compatibility with the iOS format. You can create memes with content as abstract as collages and add both photos and videos.

It helps you create memes in a matter of minutes with the multiple templates present at your fingertips. Once you are confident about uploading the meme, all you have to do is click on the share button, and your followers can then view it on the respective social media sites. 

6) Memedroid

Just like the name suggests, this meme maker has been designed exclusively to cater to Android users. You get to create new memes online and search and view the ones in the trending category. You can use the suggestion feature to open a variety of popular memes so that you can get inspired by them.

Furthermore, it is available in different languages and is free to use and download. 

7) Adobe Spark

It is an online application that gives you the option to create and edit images, graphics, illustrations, and so forth with the features present. You can use it directly from the browser by logging into your account and then subsequently share on the social media site of your choosing.

The presets made available are delightful and remind you of the top-notch features offered by InVideo. The tools are sophisticated and can give you a hard time, especially if you’re a beginner. Also, the download and upload function take longer than expected.


Meme makers save you time and resources and give you a list of unique ideas to choose from. You can put your funny bone to fair use by the addition of text that set you laughing from the word Go! All you need to do is completely unleash your creativity to make colorful memes. With incredible meme-makers like InVideo, you are well taken care of and can get up and about with your ideas. The templates, animations, designs, and effects make it a cakewalk. The entire process is beyond fun and can be done in a jiffy.  

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