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With the low-cost airline for two days after Oslo? Shopping in New York? Or again, to Mallorca? For millions of Germans such holiday plans were long illusory. The wall between the desire and the reality. The number of destinations remained for citizens of the GDR until the fall of 1989, and manageable. In the book “How the East vacation. The most beautiful holiday destinations in the GDR,” signs to some of the East German of her experiences.

The right to leave was written into the Constitution of the GDR, and in the law book of the work of the GDR. In 1961, about to stand, each working a basic vacation of 12 days. In the years that followed, he was raised on a regular basis. In 1975, there were already 18 days.

“holiday on water”, “in the mountains”, “holiday camps and children’s sanatoriums,” and “The socialist countries”: The categories in the book show that, despite the geographically restricted travel Radius’ a change was possible. Popular about Nude sunbathing on the Baltic sea and Hiking in Thuringia or in the Saxon Switzerland. But Even in their own country, it was strictly forbidden goals. And holiday in the “socialist brother countries” was also connected with the hurdles and harassment.

DDR-citizens were “Tourist second-class”

author and Journalist Klaus Behling about describes his desire to climb the Brocken. The “romantic and of many of the myth-enshrouded mountain” could only be “of all the pages viewed from a distance”. Then he ventured with his family but on the way of the Heinrich Heine rode in his Harz journey dam. “That went exactly to 128 meters after the border sign. (…) Because then we were standing with upraised hands in front of a Kalashnikov. (…) A sub-officer asked roaring, if we could not read.” The administrative cost for every hiker ten Mark.

nudist nostalgia: in the Altogether in the hot Sand Fullscreen

lunch in a nudists club, a photography from the years 1935


Uli Jeschke describes the ugly sides of travel in the Eastern neighbourhood countries. Biggest Hurdle: The Maximum Exchange Rate. Per day, he was around for the CSSR per Person for 40 marks. “Because the crowns remained in spite of all Tricksens always short, planned trips meticulously to gasoline consumption.” Food took Jeschke. And: “In Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and even in the Soviet Union, you had to know that without money and only the left, what the West Germans wanted.” The citizens of the GDR was a “Tourist second-class”.

also, the later book dealer Daniel Bergner, whose parents had a very tight travel budget experienced. “A holiday at lake Balaton for us was a utopia.” Her only trip abroad led the family to the Bohemian Spa triangle. In Karlovy Vary (carlsbad) were housed “we, as citizens of the GDR in a Hotel, “it was this designation, hardly any value,” he describes. The balcony door was locked – with the note that the Entering building is prohibited. Warm water there was only half an hour in the Morning.

unfriendliness in Oberhof

“How pathetic was our accommodation in comparison to those of the Western tourists! You resided in, the founder of temporal villas and Spa houses.” And then a Coca-Cola Stand was the young Daniel. “After endless Back and Forth my father gave in, and had not reckoned with the business acumen of the owner, after he had noticed that we come from the “brother country” GDR, the price tripled.” For 25 Ostmark, he drank, finally, the most expensive coke of his life.

KdF-seaside resort on the Baltic sea

Prora on the island Rügen: If the mass tourism overwhelms the story

But also in your own country, the citizens of the GDR Tourist was Second-class. In the inter-hotel Panorama in Oberhof only a few tables are occupied, as Bergner and his family eat there want to go. A sign indicates to wait for a table is allocated. But the father, “tear the thread of patience” – and the family takes on one of the free tables.

“Such a waiter unfriendly behavior remained in the GDR, naturally, will not go unpunished.” The family is not supported. When the father puts a entry in the complaint book to the game, serves the guests, but still – “with a healthy Dose of rudeness”.

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