Unbelievable Streaming on Netflix: How to Watch Online and Download Unbelievable TV Series

Unbelievable by Oscar nominee screenwriter Susannah Grant is a new true-crime drama streaming exclusively on Netflix. The show, which premiered on September 13 is an eight-part series based on the true story of an 18-year-old woman who reported a rape incident but was later accused of lying and even faced up to a year in jail. Emmy winners Merritt Wever and Toni Colette play the two female officers who helped solve the original case in 2011.

The entire series premiered on Netflix worldwide on Friday so audiences could binge-watch all eight episodes over the weekend. To watch the show on Netflix, viewers can sign up to the 30-day free trial. Netflix also offers a download option, which means you can watch the episodes of Unbelievable offline as well.

Unbelievable Streaming on Netflix


Unbelievable is inspired by the true story of an 18-year-old American woman that took place in 2008. The source material for the series is taken from the 2015 Pulitzer Prize-winning article ‘An Unbelievable Story of Rape’ written by Ken Armstrong and T Christian Miller as well as the American Life radio episode titled Anatomy of Doubt.

In the series, the victim Marie is played out by Kaitlyn Dever. Marie, a resident of Lynwood in Washington was raped at knifepoint by a man in the wee hours of the morning. However, the attacker was very careful, leaving no traces behind. When Marie reported the rape to police, she was accused of false reporting and even faced a year’s prison sentence if she decided against a plea deal. Meanwhile, Marie’s attacker continued to roam freely for almost two years, carrying out more attacks on women across the United States. Similar cases were reported to the police and the attacker was finally caught by two female detectives in Colorado in 2011.

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