Unable to Put a Number to Your Life’s Value? Read This

When it comes to financial decisions in life, there may be several questions running through your head. If it is about long-term security of your loved ones, the stakes are even higher. For most people, life insurance has become an increasingly vital part of financial plans. 

Whether you have recently started earning or are in a later stage of your life, it can be just as essential to secure a fund for your dependents. However, it can be a complicated process to find the right amount of life coverage. 

Basically, life insurance is a tool designed to provide monetary benefits under unfortunate circumstances. While there is nothing that can come close to the value of a loved one’s life, life insurance helps deal with the financial aspect of a lost life. 

You can also look at it as a reliable support system in uncertain times. Understandably, it can be challenging to realize your life value in terms of the sum assured of a life insurance policy.

Here are some factors that can give you some clarity on how to proceed:

  1. Consider Income

First and foremost, it is crucial to take your financial profile into account. Your income source determines the coverage you can select with life insurance. For instance, the same life insurance policy may not be suitable for a salaried individual and a businessman. 

Understanding life insurance meaning in your specific context is critical in deciding the coverage amount. Consider your income for the following reasons:

  • You have to pay a certain premium to keep the life insurance policy active. Your income source is relevant in determining the capability to pay premiums. If you fail to pay the premium on time, it may lead to a policy lapse.
  • It is also possible that you become over-insured and unable to pay the premiums. Hence, consider the limits of your income before deciding on life insurance coverage. 
  • The younger you are, the lower will be the life insurance premium. Weigh the consequences on your income if you buy life insurance now compared to 10 years later. 
  • Your life insurance coverage also depends on your retirement age. In the absence of an income source, you want to ensure that your loved ones remain secure. There are different types of life insurance with varying benefits. You can also use the benefits as a source of income post-retirement if you plan carefully.  


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2. Liabilities

Home loans, car loans, education loans are some of the common financial liabilities for many individuals. These loans hold importance in fulfilling various life goals. Nonetheless, repaying loans in installments for years has a considerable impact on your budget. 

If you are one of the earning individuals in your family, it is important to review your liabilities. In the case of an unexpected incident, your family may face the immense financial burden of outstanding payments. You can ensure they are sufficiently covered under a life insurance policy.

Apart from the coverage, it makes sense to have a life insurance policy with the same duration as your liabilities. It will give you peace of mind that your family is protected against emergencies for an extended period. 

3. Lifestyle Needs

Your lifestyle needs also play a central role in deciding the right coverage under life insurance. Each person has a certain standard of living, which depends on their income and social circle, to a degree. 

Having the right sum assured for your life insurance policy will ensure that these needs are met even when you are not with them. With the proceeds of life insurance, they will be able to achieve their life goals, big or small. 

It is painful to think of a day when you might not be with your loved ones. But, you can make sure that they don’t have to compromise on their standard of living during such difficult times. 

Estimate the Value of Life Insurance Carefully

Think of your life ten years ago, and it will make you realize how much things have changed in a decade. We live in a world in which advancements has affected our lifestyle substantially. In a fast-paced life, there are bound to be some consequences on your health.

At present, the world is struggling to recover from the impact of global pandemic. Hence, it is crucial to examine your financial health as well. A life insurance policy with suitable coverage can make a substantial difference in a time of crisis. 

In uncertain times, the promise of financial protection gives you the desired reassurance. It allows you to spend time with your loved ones without worrying about their future. Choose the right coverage with a life insurance plan to live life comfortably without financial worries. 

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