TVF Aspirants Episode 4: Release Date and Time, Where Can You Watch it, TVF Series

It’s not a new subject that TVF has been creating quality content since its inception; it’s commendable how they have moved from being a good content channel to a perfect one.

With Their new series, UPSC Aspirants, they have proven that they are the most creatively excellent channel in India special attention to detail to its production quality.

TVF UPSC Aspirants Previous Episodes

Three episodes have already been out for the viewers and gained exceptional response. Each episode left the viewers baffled and craving for more. The third episode just came out on 21st April, and the fourth episode is expected to release on the 28th of April.

TVF Aspirants

TVF UPSC Aspirants Episode 4 Release Date and Time

Following the league for previous episodes, TVF will be releasing the fourth episode on Wednesday after a 1-week halt from the last release from the previous one. It will release on Wednesday on 28 April, at 1 pm as per Indian Standard Time. On the same day, it will be releasing:

At 12:30 am ass per the pacific time
At 2:30 am as per Central Time
At 3:30 am as per Eastern Time

TVF UPSC Aspirants Episode 4 Where Can you Watch it

This time TVF has gone a little strategic with the marketing and advertisement. As we know that each episode portrays and teaches us a different lesson, not just regarding UPSC competitive exams but about life, friendship, struggles, failures, and betrayals in general.

TVF decided to air each episode on a conditional basis based on the number of subscribers targeted. For the fourth episode, it has aimed at 9 million subscribers. It will be available on youtube and TVF Play.

TVF Series

The TVF Channel is famous for producing series like this and has created a gross of 24 series in total. The series has consistently garnered positive responses from the audience and achieved a high rating on IMDB.


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