TV broadcasters are going to put an end to piracy by implementing KYC norms

The new reports suggest that the TV broadcasters across India want to initiate the e-KYC or KYC norms in the DHT services. In addition to this, the users of the standard set-up boxes with also introduce KYC norms to counter the act of piracy. The authorities have confirmed reports that the STBs are being smuggled to several foreign countries.

The broadcasters have said that they are incomplete support of including the LBS systems in the already existing DTH and STBs. Moreover, the broadcasters also want to initiate a mandate for tracking the locations of every single STBs as this would facilitate verification.

The piracy of DTH and STB is coming to an end

The chief broadcasting foundation of India, IBF has provided its submission to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. IBF stated that there is an obvious need to introduce and enforce KYC on STBs and DTH, properly. It is very much essential to put an end to DTH STBs which are found outside the jurisdiction of India.

TV broadcasters are going to put an end to piracy by implementing KYC norms

The KYC norms of the DTH would bring in a significant threshold level to counter the entirety of piracy. Back in July 2019, TRAI also issued an appointment paper on the DTH Set Top Boxes for KYC. Then the broadcasting and information ministry in India, MIB said that they had sent an acquaintance to TRAI by requesting the regulator to provide the needed recommendations.

DTH services of India are confined to its jurisdiction

IBF also said that the significant DTH platforms in the South Asian country have the permits to avail services and subscribers in the territory of the country. The recent satellite footprints suggest that there are several STBs of Direct To Home operation which are functioning outside the Indian territory.

IBF also said that they have proof that some of the STBs are caught up for being used by the DPOs illegally to retransmit the signals of the broadcaster’s channels. According to IBF, there is an urgent need to conduct One-Time e-KYC or KYC at the time of purchase of the DTH set-top box.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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