TS EC Certificate – Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Application Procedure, Check Status

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate (EC) is one of the most significant documents that you need to have at the time of purchase of the property. Along with certifying that there are no dues on the property, it also gives you the certainty of clear and marketable ownership. Not only this, but the EC also provides details about the property like its dues, present and past ownership and also the process of transfer of property.

In Telangana, the Department of Registration has initiated to start an online portal which will help you to search and download Telangana Encumbrance Certificate from the website.

Full details regarding Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Online have been discussed below in detail.

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate

While Telangana EC is very helpful when you purchase a property in the state, it also saves you from many fraud mediators who might bring internal complications.

From registration of transactions on the property to Encumbrance Certificate Download date, the EC contains details of liability that help you know about the security of the loan.

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate gives you a clear assurance of purchasing a property with all true and correct government records.

Below given are the details about Telangana Encumbrance Certificate.

Need Of Encumbrance Certificate In Telangana 

The EC is the only document that not only gives you the assurance of buying a property but also proves to be very useful in many other things. The need for Encumbrance Certificate Online arises in the following listed situations:

  • EC is an important document that is required to apply for the home loan from the banks.
  • EC is also required to get a loan against property from the respective bank.
  • EC is needed whenever you want to buy or sell the property located in the state.
  • EC also acts as the evidence that the property is free from all liabilities and has clear title of ownership.
  • EC is required to know about the details of past transactions on the property at the time of property purchase.

Details on Encumbrance Certificate

Below given are the different details printed on the EC regarding the property:

  • All transactions representing the property that have been recorded by the Registrar are present.
  • All necessary details in the sales deeds will be mentioned in the EC. The EC usually concerns a specific period and transactions applicable to that period are mentioned.
  • If the property underwent any gift transfers, the gift settlement will also be notified on the document.
  • As per the law, certain documents such as testamentary documents and short-term lease deeds need not be registered.

How To Get Telangana Encumbrance Certificate

The Telangana Encumbrance certificate is available online on the web portal. You can easily view and download the EC of any property. For this, what you need is clear documents details.

Given below are steps to get the Telangana Encumbrance Certificate of a particular property easily:

Telangana Government Registration Website

  • Under the online services section, click on the Encumbrance Search (EC) option. You will see an eEncumbrance Statement displayed on the screen. Read the disclaimer and click on submit option.

Telangana Registration Online Services

  • A form will be shown to you to search for the Telangana Encumbrance Certificate.
  • Select Document Number or Form entry form the drop-down list and start your Telangana EC Search.

Telangana Encumbrance Registration

  • If you choose Document Number, then fill in the details such as year of registration, document number and first few letters of your SRO Name or code, if registered at the office of Sub-Registrar.

Telangana Encumbrance Registering SRO

  • If you choose Form Entry, then fill in the details such as district, Applicant Name, Date of Registration and Name of the Seller.
  • Fill in the details of Building or Structures, Open Sites or Agricultural Lands and Bounded By. Select the SRO and fill in the form and to fields under the Period.
  • Click on submit option below. You will be able to see the EC of your property displayed on the screen.

Track Application status

Given below are the steps to check the status of your application online:

  • Go on the official website of the Telangana State Registration and Stamp Department.
  • Click on the option “Encumbrance search”.
  • Select the criteria and enter the year of registration.
  • You will be able to see the present status of your application.

Processing Time

The encumbrance certificate will be issued within six working days from the date of application.

Telangana EC Customer Numbers

The customer service number is available on the website. In case of any issue or query related to the website, just make a call on the toll-free number given below.

Contact Number: 1800 599 4788

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