Top Tips to Easily Remove Image Backgrounds Online

An Easy Guide to Using a Background Remover for Images

Have you ever taken the perfect photo, only to realize your background was lacking? Maybe there were too many people in the scene, it was a bad weather day, or you weren’t feeling the background at all. For editing images, you need a reliable, high-quality editing tool that can transform your visuals without requiring a lot of effort.

Top Tips to Easily Remove Image Backgrounds Online

Read on to learn more about manipulating your photos using top removal tools!

Main reasons to remove the background from an image online

Sometimes, you might need an image with a transparent background for personal creative projects, such as family photographs or graduation pictures. You could be making a collage or a unique image to show off at an art exhibition. Removing the background can elevate your project and give you the creative freedom to do whatever you want.

Moreover, you might need to use a background remover for your work. It could be to make logos, particular compositions for a company website, or various designs for clothing. Removing backdrops is an entire job for some people and can be a great side hustle to sell such services. The ideal solution is to use a tool that can simplify all of these tasks and increase your work productivity without any extra time or effort. Depositphotos, a stock content marketplace, features an online background remover here ( accessible from any electronic device.

Why choose the Depositphotos free background remover

Costless usage

Compared to popular online tools, the Depositphotos BG remover offers its services for free. There are no compulsory subscription fees and no hidden costs; all you need to do is create an account to save your images.


The tool makes it easy for everyone to remove white or colored photo backgrounds. It is entirely automatic, using AI-based technology with specially trained algorithms for quicker and simpler operations.


The background remover works on different types of images. It doesn’t matter if it’s people, animals, objects, or hand-drawn graphics. Besides, as it’s accessible online, you can even edit your photos on the go!

High-quality results

The Depositphotos background remover edits photo backdrops without distorting or changing the quality of your original image. You will be able to use the high-quality PNG file in your personal or commercial projects.

How to remove a background from a picture

Manipulate your image online with the Depositphotos removal instrument using the following steps:

  1. Open the tool in your preferred browser.
  2. Scroll down the page to try out the test images to see how the tool can process your photos.
  3. Upload a chosen image from your device or drag and drop the file directly onto the web page.
  4. Wait a couple of seconds for the Depositphotos background removal tool to do the work.
  5. Compare the background-free image with the original one. To customize the erasing, use the “Restore” and “Erase” brushes.
  6. Create an account on the platform to download your transparent image.
  7. Save your result in PNG file format.
  8. Repeat the removal process as many times as you need.

Other ways to remove the background from an image

Professional programs like Photoshop can also achieve similar results. However, they are more time-consuming, complicated, and require learning time and paying fees.

Another site you could use is, which also allows you to remove backgrounds from images. It is similar to the Depositphotos tool, you upload a photo, and the AI-based algorithms work to remove the background accurately and efficiently. You can also add or remove white backdrops using this software. A further advantage of this site is that it can integrate with several design programs and eCommerce sites, making it even more efficient.


The Depositphotos background removal tool uses artificial intelligence to remove image backgrounds, ensuring high-quality results. This advanced instrument is costless and accessible online for any design purpose. The remover manipulates images in seconds, allowing you to concentrate on more important creative tasks.

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