Top Tips to Easily Increase the Resolution of an Image  

Everyone wants to see high-quality images on the Internet. Content creators need them to post on their blog, e-commerce business owners need them to place on their online store, Internet users want to see them because they are more beautiful and inspiring than low-resolution images. And the problem is that creating high-resolution images is extremely expensive and time-consuming. It is better to increase the resolution of those images that you already have. There are several easy ways to do it.

Easy Ways to Increase the Resolution of your Images

1. Use online tools

There are a lot of online tools that can help you to get high-quality images on the Internet. The best part of using them is the fact that you don’t have to install them on your computer, you can work with them right from the web browser. Furthermore, they fit all the types of devices and operating systems. Isn’t it amazing? 

One of such tools is Icons8 Smart Upscaler that works with Artificial Intelligence. It upscales images within one click up to 8x. Moreover, it is constantly being improved to give you best ever results. There are a plenty of reasons why you should choose Icons8 image upscaler: 

Automatic process 

You just need to click one button to increase the resolution of your image. The tool will do all the work for you automatically. The best part is that Smart Upsclaer also retouch the skin, remove freckles and adjust lighting on your photos. 

Simple interface 

Working with new software always takes time to learn its interface. Smart Upscaler saves your time, because it has a minimalistic interface with just several buttons. The intuitive interface simplifies the process into 2 simple steps: upload and download. That’s it. 

Low price 

Icons8 Smart Upscaler has the lowest subscription price while giving excellent results. The prepaid package for processing 50 photos costs $10. That means that processing 1 image will cost you only $0,2. 

2. Use macOS preview

Preview is a built-in tool for viewing photos and PDFs on your Mac, which also includes useful image editing tools.

To resize your image go to the Markup Toolbar, then select the Adjust Size tool and regulate the width and the height of your image. The main advantage of this method is fast speed. You just need to click several buttons to upscale your image. However, it is a manual image upscaling method. And plus, it fits only macOS users, so not everyone can use it.

3. Professional software

If you have a great experience in editing photos, then you can choose professional software. You can choose rather free ones, such as GIMP or InPixio, or paid ones, such as Adobe Photoshop or Mask AI. But notice that this method is the most time-consuming. You need plenty of time to install the software to your computer, to learn its interface and tools. And only then you will be able to upscale your images. Moreover, this software is rather expensive, so, if you need to process only several images, it doesn’t worth buying it. 

So now you know several methods to increase the resolution of your image. Every method has its pros and cons. Choose one that best fits your tasks and enjoy. 

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
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