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Top Questions Answered About a Career in UI UX Designing

 “Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.”

— Brenda Laurel, Ph.D., Independent Scholar

Design is the art of organizing things in a usable manner-be it a gadget, an app, or a simple everyday matter like a dining table. UX UI design without human interaction is nothing on its own and even if a product is not able to serve its purpose then the process of design remains incomplete. That is the reason why user research and user testing is so crucial and being a UX UI designer, you really need to be well prepared to alter your designs over and over again to fulfill the requirements of the different classes of users. So, to become a professional UX UI designer you need to acquire the design skills and learn about the designing elements which can be done through the UX UI designing courses. Not only this, with the affordable UI UX Design course fees, you can easily uplift your designing skills. 

What is UX UI design?

User experience (UX) design is the process that is being used to create products that provide relevant and meaningful experiences to users. UX design involves the whole process which begins with acquiring and integrating the product which also includes the aspects of design, branding, and usability.

User Interface (UI) design refers to the process of building the interface in software or computerized devices while emphasizing the looks or style. The UI Designers aim at creating an easy and pleasurable interface for the users. It is basically the graphical interface.

How is UI Design different from UX Design?

UX and UI are some of the most confusing terms in the field of technology. But don’t worry you’re not the only one confused here.

UX design mainly focuses on anything that may affect the user experience to solve that issue which may reflect on-screen or off. While UI design is focused on how the surfaces of the product might look and function.

What basic tools you must know to be proficient in UX UI design?

UX And UI designs are the two distinct facets of web designing, yet they work hand-in-hand. While UX emphasizes the user’s experience of how they use the services and products, UI focuses on designing the user interface and how a user will interact with it. There are many UX UI tools that a designer needs to be skilled in which are being provided by different design courses with comparative UI UX Design course fees. The following are the top 10 tools which are being widely used in the industry of UX UI design:

  • InVision
  • Zeplin
  • Balsamiq
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Flinto
  • AdobeXd
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Axure

What is the major difference between designing a web and designing a mobile application?

The designers always struggle with the question: What’s better, an app or a website? While it is tough to choose between the above two, both of these are used for accomplishing a different purpose. So, here are major differences between both terms:

  1. Screen size: While designing, one must take into consideration the change in the screen sizes of the two interfaces. A smaller display has a lesser pixel. That is why apps features like heavy graphics are always a strict no-no.
  2. Contextual: Most of the individual access websites from their PCs. In apps, there is no such limitation, a user might be operating their phones while running also. So, as a designer, you must ensure that your app features are being designed in such an easy manner. 
  3.  Integration with smartphone features: If there is one major thing that you can perform with your smartphones, it’s making calls, which is missing on the desktops. So, the designing of the web application and mobile application needs to be designed in such a manner to fulfill this requirement in an easy user interface.

Know What Streams One Can Opt for Pursuing UI UX Designing

Those students who have done their graduation in the streams like Arts, Humanities, Psychology, BBA, B.Tech in Computer science/IT/Electrical are the most suitable candidates for the UX UI designing industry.

If you work as a professional in industries like Content writing, Digital Marketing, Branding Consultants, etc and IT industries like Graphic Designer, Mobile App Developers or Website Developers, Video Editors, Product Managers, etc. can get into this industry easily and these skills can only be developed with the help of UX UI design courses. You can find different online courses with cost-effective UI UX Design course fees

What are the career opportunities after perusing UI UX Design?

Top Job Roles in the UX UI Industry:

  • User Researcher
  • Wireframe Expert
  • Content Strategist
  • Information Architecture (UX Designer)
  • Usability Tester
  • Interaction Designer
  • Visual Designer (UI Designer)
  • UX/UI Developer ( Involving coding like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.)
  • Product Designer


UX is a highly analytical and logical thing. UX designers need to have a thoughtful mind from the user’s perspective and which means understanding users. While UI designers must be creative so as to design a webpage or product. UX UI  as a field has grown exponentially in the last 10 years and it continues to grow as one of the high Job generating industries in the coming years. To become a professional UX UI designer, one must learn the skills for the required post. With an affordable UI UX Design course fee, Springboard helps the individuals with achieving the skills of UX UI designing and here are some links that will help you to guide on the UX UI Design career


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