Top 9 Apps to Enhance Your Writing Today!

OK, nobody’s expecting you to write like John Updike or Henry James. However, high-quality writing goes a very long way in college routine, business, or everyday life. It is one of the must-have skills, and one that is tough to boost yourself, especially if you’re not a natural-born writer. Fortunately, we live in the era of internet and computers, which means you have a lot of potential solutions that will help you take your prose to the next level.

Here are some useful websites and apps that will help you bring your inner writer to the surface.


When it’s time for you to get some special inspiration for your writing session, OmmWriter can help you arrange the words on a piece of paper. No distractions or formatting! All you have to deal with include writing and only writing. OmmWriter goes full screen, which means you’re not going to get distracted by anything else. What is more, OmmWriter provides a range of calming backgrounds and tunes that will definitely help you get into zen writing mood. Check this app to make sure that proper environment is important when it comes to producing top-quality content of any type.


Is the room too quiet for you to focus on your essay, letters, or business documents? Can you hear your neighbors discussing the latest political rumors? Well, it may sound pretty weird, but it is true. You’re not alone in your focus struggles!

When dealing with any sort of writing (academic, business, personal, and so on), you’re in need of quiet environment, but not too quiet. At times, a low ambiance may help you concentrate on the process of writing. It’s time to use Coffitivity to feel less lonely when focusing on the page at hand. The website provides online users with some nice tracks that guarantee stunning sound atmosphere and boost the quality of your work through the sound power.


If you’re into writing, you would definitely like to write like Ernest Hemingway! Why not? With Hemingway app, you will learn to produce clear and bold sentences with ease! How? This free app will highlight potential edits by using different colors. By writing with this app, you will see the sentences that are too dense or too long, the ones with too many adverbs or complex terms, etc. In other words, the app provides you with an opportunity to present your ideas in the clearest and most concise form.

If you’ve been dreaming about a reliable writing helper, Grammarly is the one. Go to to receive constructive, concise, and clear writing and editing suggestions that will work well for college, business, or any other writing. The best thing about the website is that it helps you with clarity, spelling, grammar, readability, plagiarism, punctuation, and many other aspects of writing.

Writing can be tough, especially when there’s no one to approach for a professional advice. However, online custom writing companies like are open round the clock. You’re welcome to approach competent and dedicated writers, editors, proofreaders, and researchers to entrust them with your essays, book reviews, business papers, or any other writing issues. All you have to do to find your perfect helper is to post your order and search for the candidates who can meet your requirements.

Lists for Writers

If you attend college and find it hard to write or brainstorm, Lists for Writers will save the day! The app provides the so-called “character traits” option that boosts your creativity through generating ideas and improving your vocabulary.

One of the best ways to boost your academic or business writing is to write more. In case you find it hard to do it regularly, use 750 Words to have a daily writing habit. Just as the name of the source suggests, the user is encouraged to produce 750 words every day (up to 3 pages of writing).

Nobody’s going to see your writing. Besides, your prose gets monthly points that are based on how much writing you produce and how many days in a row you write. What is more, the users have an opportunity to enjoy fun graphs and charts that show your mood in the process of writing, the duration of every writing entry, as well as many other hilarious metrics.


If you’re looking for some simple tools to plan your writing, Airstory is the one to consider. Using this drag-and-drop tool, the users have a chance to easily make searchable cards that will be later organized as a clear outline, containing your headings, sub-headings, and the rest of the paper elements.

If you fail to plan and properly organize your stories, Airstory gives you a unique chance to forget about all those notecards and finally enjoy the process of outlining.  

Typing Club

When it comes to writing, it is important how comfortable you are with the laptop keyboard. With Typing Club, you have an opportunity to benefit from free typing tutor that lets you learn the simplest typing lessons and type like a pro. It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your writing is. You’re provided with a direct access to loads of typing games and drills that demonstrate where exactly you should place your fingers in the process of typing. The very moment you learn to type better, you may go to the next level to learn to type quicker.

With loads of apps and websites available on the web, you can undoubtedly find the one that will comply with your demands and help you improve your writing significantly. The reality is that even the most primitive apps and software can boost your prose, if you make sure to write regularly. Practice makes perfect, after all.

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