Top 5 Relay Races in the USA Worth Considering

If you are very athletic, extraneous physical fitness has been your new solace; running a race should be a part of your bucket list. Other than a marathon, the relay is one of the most exciting ventures you can try.

It promotes healthy relationships with your relay partners, and winning is much better when there is a team involved in it. More excitement and more celebration when you finally win.

Top 5 Relay Races in the USA Worth Considering

Other than that, here are some of the common health benefits of participating in races.

  • It is the king of cardio, and you will always be in shape.
  • It is a weight-bearing exercise that can help you build stronger bones.
  • If you are doing muscle training, racing can help you build good muscle.
  • It is a good place to start socializing with like-minded people.

Relay Races To Join

Top 5 Relay Races in the USA Worth Considering

Now, if you have decided to join a relay race and train for it, you should go for the big games. Here are some of the best US relay races worth considering.

1. Reach the Beach Relay: Wachusett to Westport, Mass

It has only been three years since its commencement, and this idyllic beachside relay race has gained some popularity. It is a 190 miles race that skirts through 30 towns.

  • You start from the ski area in Princeton at Wachusett Mountain.
  • The first player will make their way up the ski slope called Reach.
  • Yes, it is called the beach relay, but the terrains are pretty diverse.
  • The team can range from 6 to 12 people. Yes, it is a pretty flexible relay race.
  • Each player is making lapses which can range from 2.7 miles to 8.42 miles, depending on the number of teammates.
  • Yes, the race will continue at night through the quiet zones.
  • The finish line is at Horseneck, which is a beach state reservation at Westport.

2. Red Rock Relay Zion

If you are athletic and up for a challenge, only then choose this race as your next relay race. No doubt this will be a difficult one.

  • The difficulty comes from the different and tough terrains. It is a real sun-to-snow journey. You will be going through 11,000 ft to 3,000 ft.
  • It starts from Brian Head Resort, located in Southern Utah. Then you move through the Red Rock Country and then reach Zion National Park.
  • Yes, it is a real high and low because of the high altitude; like at Bryce Canyon, it is the beautiful landscape that makes it all worth it.
  • The race is divided into a total of 36 legs, and the miles covered by each leg will vary from 2 to 8 miles.

3. American Odyssey Relay Run Adventure

If you are a fan of history, this is the relay race for you. Along with the historical enlightenment, you should also be able to enjoy some picturesque views.

  • To begin with, the literal path of the race is through the battlefield grounds of Gettysburg’s P.A’s Civil War battlefields.
  • Then, the race moves toward some of the famous historical places in Washington, DC.
  • There are 36 legs in this race, and depending on the stamina, they will run 3.2 to 8.7 miles.
  • Some of the battlefields they move through are from Antietam National Battlefield to Francis Scott Key Bridge in DC.

4. Epic Cache-Teton Relay

A real mountain scenery that is perfect for your eyes and soul while you run through in the quest of winning.

  • This relay will be moving through many idyllic national forests surrounded by mountain ranges.
  • It starts at Wasatch Cache in Utah and then moves through Star Valley in the historic Oregon trails.
  • The relay moves beside the snake river and is more than 205 miles.

5. Ragnar Napa Valley

The best part about US relay race tracks such as Ragnar Relays is how beautiful the scenery is, but you will not find something more picturesque than Napa Valley.

  • This relay race moves through the idyllic towns of San Francisco to Calistoga.
  • The best part about this race is moving through the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The race continues for two days and is divided into 36 routes to cover.
  • It is a limited-member race, which means you will only have 12 members. Depending on that, each leg will be running 11.5 miles to 23.7 miles.

So, book your favorite race and route, and start preparing.

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