Tom Hiddleston Accidentally Lets Slip Loki Season 2 Details!

Based on Marvel Comics, the Tom Hiddleston television series LOKI managed to leave us captivated by the mind-boggling ending of Season 1 and determined that the series would return for the next season.

While it may be a while before Season 2 arrives, Hiddleston gave some clues as to where the final season might kick off when he arrived at MCM Comic Con in London.

Communicating with his fans at an event, Tom Hiddleston refreshed everyone’s memory of how the show ended when he said, “Okay, so look, we can’t say anything, unfortunately, but at the end of episode six, season one, Loki will come. back to TVA.

Loki season 2: Tom Hiddleston teases the start of the second season

He is quite outraged, he is quite emotional and he tries to explain what is happening to Mobius (Owen Wilson), but Mobius does not recognize him. Then he turns and looks at the Timekeepers statue, but it’s not a Timekeepers statue, it’s someone else’s statue… And I think we’ll start from there.’

Tom Hiddleston Accidentally Lets Slip Loki Season 2 Details!

After giving his fans some clues with a summary, the actor expressed regret for not being able to reveal any real details, saying, “I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

Season One of the Loki Stars Series Tom Hiddleston alongside Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw had received high praise.

The Marvel show established a different side of Loki compared to the other Marvel movies and also found Lady Loki in the show along with its other variants like Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki among others. It has also been very clear that director Kate Herron will not be returning for season 2 of the show.


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