Technology certainly has its visible perks, imagine the plight when one had to look for matchboxes in order to get their cigarette or cigar lightened. It’s quite hassle-free with the advent of plasma lighter.

One simply needs to press a switch on the Plasma lighter and you will get the modest of flame to solve your purpose.

Details of a Plasma Lighter :

It is a USB rechargeable electronic lighter that fits appropriately in your pocket. In the upper portion of the lighter, there is a juncture where a plasma arc is produced between 2 or 4 electrodes. This ignites a flame. They are devised to produce 200-400 strikes in a complete recharge.

The best part about this plasma lighter is that it is rechargeable and can be topped up to working conditions by charging it through a USB charging. Unlike the traditional lighters, it doesn’t require the feed of spirit or oil to work.

Precautions to increase the life of your Plasma Lighter:

Charge it properly-

it requires about 2 hours to charge the product completely. But it is advisable not to wait for the product to get discharged completely, recharge it once it is about the 20% mark. It is strongly recommended by the manufacturers to disconnect the charging plug once the charging is complete as overcharging can have a negative impact on battery performance. If the charging plug is connected even after the charging is completed there are chances of the battery getting out of order relatively more frequently. You can read the buying guide for the best plasma lighters by checking this link.

Clean the ash, tar, and debris accumulation –

you will notice that over the time some deposit will accumulate at the electrode portion, it is nothing but the remains like ash, tar, and debris. The electrode is the area that is responsible for the production of flame and arguably the most vital component of the lighter. So keeping it clean is a priority. Electrodes might not produce the required amounts of heat if they are not clean. Take an earbud and dip it into alcohol or ethanol and gently rub it on the electrode area until the dirt comes off. Remember to turn off the device while cleaning it.

Exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature should be taken care of-

an excess of external temperature is harmful to the body of the lighter while exposure to sunlight might lead to heat damage.

Store and use the lighter properly-

don’t keep the flame button turned on for too long, give brief time intervals before using it. With most lighters comes a child lock feature to provide an added bit of safety. This feature will prevent abrupt and accidental lightening of the lighter. It can be turned on by pressing the bottom three times in a row, and as an indication, the red and blue indicators flash 3 times.

Look for the user manual-

with almost every model a user manual od provided by the manufacturers so as to instruct the user to use the product effectively. Consult the manual if you are facing any sort of difficulties in operating the lighter.

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