Tips for when you choose the paint and colours for your kitchen

It’s normal to grow tired of the colours in your kitchen, just as it’s normal to dream of changing your kitchen furniture more frequently. Why is it OK? Many people “dream” of remodelling their kitchens, but in reality, it’s more of a necessity than a wish. Kitchens are the most used rooms in your home, so they are the most vulnerable to damage. Cooking steam helps mould develop in kitchen doors, posing health risks such as asthma and respiratory allergies.

Furthermore, they are subjected to wear and crack, causing surfaces to swell which means they require a fresh coat of paint or tint now and then. Such enhancements do not last forever, and you may eventually feel the need for new furniture.

If you want to breathe new life into your kitchen on a budget but aren’t sure what factors to consider, here’s your answer: colours! When purchasing replacement kitchen doors, consider your needs and desires and the colours you love.

Tips for when you choose the paint and colours for your kitchen

Pay attention to the colours chosen for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets in bright colours and various shades of grey and black are excellent choices, but with white kitchens still remain a timeless posh and fashionable trend. Design experts also recommend paying attention and choosing dirt-proof yet trendy paint colours, cabinet and countertop materials, and backsplash tiles to ensure you never get bored with your kitchen.

A very popular and versatile go-to in both vintage and modern houses is the wood look. It’ll never go out of trend and you can always bring improvements with accessories and splashes of colour (be it clocks, new draperies and so on). Wood’s sustainability appeals to those who value Mother Earth and understand the importance of preserving it. Furthermore, it prevents glossy finishes from drawing attention away from the natural beauty of your painted wood kitchen doors.

Here are some other examples of textures that are safe choices when shopping for new kitchen doors or cabinets.

– Acrylic.When it comes to modern, chic kitchens, deep, textured, metallic, or bold colours are all popular choices. Be careful not to mix too many bright nuances, though, because too intense colours can make your kitchen appear small rather than airy.

– White.If you are concerned about visible dirt, choose white nuances for the countertops or surfaces you don’t use on a regular basis and combine with other one or two darker tones.

– Black.This is frequently the preferred option for homeowners who want to combine two contrasting colours, such as red walls and dark kitchen cabinets.

– Grey.This may appeal to your family because it gives the kitchen a modern and stylish appearance, while being a versatile colour.

Don’t make your kitchen look chintzy when you get replacement kitchen doors

It’s natural to want to change the look of your kitchen from time to time, and it’s also natural to wonder if the renovation is justifiable. However, you should be aware that kitchens require more frequent redecoration than any other room, and renovations do not have to be completed all at once.

It’s challenging to raise funds to replace your kitchen furniture completely, but you can make small and significant changes, such as replacing the doors on your kitchen cabinets.

It can be a ruse to create the illusion of “newness” when the layout and everything else in the kitchen remains unchanged. But, since you can replace the cabinet doors yourself with the right tool kit, you get to save money, energy, and time.

Friends will think you have new furniture, but only your wallet will realise you didn’t spend a fortune redecorating your kitchen. You’ll make your kitchen look anew, if you consider some of the vibes trendy kitchens adopt this year:

Freshness.A kitchen that looks fresh is just as comfortable and pleasant as the word describes it. To look neat, go for woody colours and mix with whites if you know you clean every time your cooking area gets dirty.

– Monotone.This shouldn’t be understood as “monochrome” because a monotone kitchen will have the kitchen units all the same shade of colour, whereas “monochrome” means only nuances of black, white and grey.

Tinted.If your kitchen is tonal or pale, or you think it looks rather sombre, don’t worry! New splashy and tinted cabinet doors will do the trick and make your kitchen look alive while comfy.

Festive.This one’s tricky; a festive kitchen shouldn’t look chintzy. It’s a small line, so ensure the colours of your new kitchen cabinets are in accordance with the old cabinets and furniture.

Fiery.These kitchens are lovely because they’re eye-catching. If you like rooms to look fiery, go for bright red, orange and yellow colours.

Matching.If you want a kitchen with units and accessories of the same style, design, colour and pattern, you have a matchy-matchy kitchen. Wood is a great choice to match with any type of colour.

Don’t trust the myths about white colours

Each shade of white is determined by the colour combination used to create that shade. Ask the paint expert at your local hardware store what colours were used if you have white cabinets and know the name of the paint colour. You can choose a tone scheme that complements rather than contradicts the undertone.

So, they could be red-based if this is one of the paint shades, yellow-based, green-based, blue-based, and so on. If your cabinets aren’t painted or you can’t scrape the paint, try matching it to something you already own, like a t-shirt.

Once you know what colours are in your paint mix, you’ll know which way to skew your colour scheme.

Spotlight your meal tones

In a kitchen that uses so much white, it’s nice to match the walls to make them look one-of-a-kind. Pick a pallet that complements the metal appliances and accents and which is soothing, too. It’s not hard, but it takes some imagination. Choosing the kitchen palette is also fun because it allows you to reflect your unique style.

After you’ve decided on the dominant colour, you should consider the contrast. You can choose a smooth colour for the floor, a dominant colour for the cabinets, and a contrasting yet complementary colour for the rest of the kitchen – the last of which will shape the space.

Extra tip!

If you want a simple kitchen, go for a combination of classic white cabinets and warm wood or laminate flooring, with a countertop that alternates between lighter and darker colours. Don’t fear to choose wood-painted materials because they’re timeless and make your kitchen look in a class by itself.

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