Tips for Conquering the Seas Solo in Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a first-person action-adventure game. It was developed by rush and Microsoft studios, and it has proved to be an attraction among sea adventure lovers and pirate freaks. You can commandeer a ship with your team and attack and loot an enemy ship.

You can also transport cargo and do many other things. Today, we brought you some of the tips so that you can survive solo in this game effortlessly. You can also use the sea of thieves hacks to enhance your gameplay further.

Do not be Greedy

Many players stay in a hurry to sail as far as possible in the hope of gaining some more gold. But you have to be very careful when playing solo. As you travel ahead, there is a high risk of getting attacked by hordes of other teams. So staying careful while docking, setting sail, or approaching the destination is critical. Be as sneaky as possible, and do not forget that you are alone in your ship; there is no one to fight alongside you when the enemy attacks. If you get stormed by enemies, try to get away as fast as possible.

Do an Inspection before Leaving

Usually, solo players hurry to get off the game once they finish their trip, and you should not make this critical mistake. When you have completed sailing and come back to dock the ship, check for any leaks and damage in the interior or exterior of your ship. If you leave any damage unrepaired, then you will find your ship sunken when you come back to embark on a journey again, and this will be very frustrating. Make cross-examining a habit when you are docking your boat, as it will save you a lot of pain later.

Do not Stray Far

Players looking for a solo journey should go too far in the open waters. They need to be as methodological as possible in treasure hunting and transporting goods. Make shorter trips for treasures and run cargo in the Caribbean. Longer trips increase the risk of getting flanked by an enemy ship full of players ready to munch on you, and you will lose your ship, chests, and life. So, stick to shorter journeys for maximum benefits as a solo player.

Know your Ship

When sailing solo, you have to check everything yourself on the ship. You have to steer, check horizons, sails, run operations of anchors, and do many other activities. Under stressful situations like storms and attacks, you must care for everything. And if you do not know anything peculiar about your ship, you will be in a tight spot to survive. So, make sure you know every system of your boat before you start sailing, it will increase your survival chance by a significant degree, and you will be able to manage any emergency efficiently.

Sail Straight

This is very beneficial for solo players. When you are sailing solo, you need to manage everything in the ship, and while doing that, you need to abandon the steer. To minimize the risk of your ship crashing into rocks, make sure that your steer is in a straight direction. This will keep your ship toward deep waters and away from dangers while doing other activities, keeping your attention off the steer.

Be Cautious While Docking

Solo players are always in danger while playing multiplayer games. You become an easy target for the opposing teams on the sea when you sail alone as they prey on you for easy kills. Be careful when you are docking your ship, as, at this time, you will be at a high risk of getting overrun by the enemy. It would be best if you docked in a remote and hidden place so that no one can get a whiff of your presence while you are doing errands of your sailing life. Hide behind the rocks as enemy boats might not come near them for fear of damaging themselves. This idea is not foolproof, but it can be handy in some situations.

Carry Few Chests

It would help if you kept this in mind for a safe and profitable journey. It is alright to carry many chests with a team as other players can guard them when you are away, and it becomes tough for you as a solo player to keep an eye on incursions. Therefore, carry a small number of chests for less offloading time and quick departure from the dock.

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