Tholu Bommalata Full Movie Download leaked on Tamilrockers | Will This Affect The Small Film’s Run At The Box Office?

The Telugu family drama film, Tholu Bommalata has a conventional theme of good v/s evil nature in human beings. The film revolves around the persisting problems in a family. Tholu Bommalata has been directed by Vishwanath Maganti; additionally, the film also features Rajendra Prasad as the lead actor of the film.

The film was released on the 22nd of November 2019, and the audience is already calling the film as a notable family entertainer. The film revolves around the fact that older people cannot wish for anything; given that they are the head of the family.

tholu bommalata

Rajendra Prasad portrays the role of Somaraju or Sodalaraju who resides in the village, namely, Achyutapuram. Other than Rajendra Prasad’s character there are two other characters that have apparently stolen the show in the film, Varsha and Rishi.

By the looks of it, since early childhood, Rish & Varsha are completely in love with each other given that their respective parents cannot express the love they have for each other. The film is going through a tough phase as the film on the very first day of its release has been leaked online by Tamilrockers.

Will the leak affect the box-office collection of the film?

Now that the film has leaked online, the filmmakers might find it tough to convince the audience to watch it in theaters. However, the producers are hopeful that the longtime fans of the veteran actor Rajendra Kumar will head out to watch his performance as the lead actor.

Piracy is becoming an imminent threat to the film fraternity of this country. Most of the newly released films in the country get leaked once they are released.

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