This Was Derek Hough’s Most Embarrassing Moment On DWTS

This Was Derek Hough's Most Embarrassing Moment On DWTS

Derek Hough can hold his record-breaking six Mirror Ball trophies up against what he says is his most embarrassing moment on “Dancing with the Stars.” While reminiscing with Us Weekly in May, Derek told them about this slip-up — or down, as it happened.

In his very first season, serving as professional partner to “Beverly Hills 90210” star Jennie Garth, the pair set out to perform their second dance of the season, a quickstep to KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See.” Right toward the end of the routine, Derek ran across the slick floor, and Jennie followed for their final trick — a front slide-through — but he slipped and dropped his partner, and they both fell (apparently, he stepped on her dress). “This is a time when I’m like, ‘This is my chance. I’m going to show what I got. This is my first time on TV doing this,'” he recalled. “And I dropped my partner, Jennie Garth, on live television.” At least it happened at the end of the routine.

But like the professionals they are, they both recovered, and Derek was glad it happened early in the season. “The good thing about that is I got that out of the way real quick,” he said. “That’s the worst thing that could possibly happen, so it’s only uphill from here.” Truer words were never spoken: Jennie and Derek eventually made it to the semi-finals and finished in fourth place.


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