This is Us: Season 5 Episode 12 Release Date, Preview, Promo, Synopsis and Story

This is Us: Season 5 Episode 12 Preview

This is Us season 5 episode 12 is set to release on April 6, 2021. The episode, titled ‘Both Can Be True,’ draws a lot of speculations from fans and critics alike. This is mainly because of the difference between the teaser of the episode and its synopsis.

The episode’s synopsis reads ‘Jack and Miguel bond. Kevin and Madison navigate challenges. Randall seeks out a new kind of support network.’. But the promo teaser focused on a scene between Tess, Beth, and Tess’s new partner Alex.

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The Promo:

The scene shows Beth Pearson walking in on her daughter and Alex as they share an intimate moment in Tess’s room. Tess gets freaked out by the look on her mom’s face, but Beth denies showing any derogatory expression at all. And many fans took the side of Beth. They argued that her reaction was as natural as it can be for someone catching their kid being intimate with their partner.

But this raises concern in the teenage mind of Tess as she thinks her mother can never truly accept her and that they might grow apart. This follows from the fact that Tess came out as gay to her parents and revealed her relationship with her former BFF Alex (in episode 10). Though being a supportive mother doing her best, Beth is naturally struggling to wrap her head around the changes that her daughter’s confrontation brought, starting with the pronouns used by her and her relationship with Alex.

After all, she doesn’t know what to make of this relationship.

On the Synopsis:

Speculating on the synopsis, all that can be said is Uncle Nicky won’t be going back home any soon. Nick came to visit Kevin as he was invited to attend the baptism of the twins. ‘Kevin and Madison navigate through challenges’ might very well mean that having five people in their house is not easy for the new parents.

While Randall seeks out a new support network with his mother-in-law’s residence at his place, the story editor, Laura Kenar, said there might be some butter and a ‘ring’ involved in the episode. And fans are betting that this refers to some enticing chemistry between Jack and Miguel. Maybe a final proposal of marriage?


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