Things have got busier after ”Doctor Strange”: Benedict Wong

Los Angeles, Oct 14 (PTI)“Doctor Strange” star Benedict Wong says “there are a few extra calls” after his Marvel outings but he still adheres to a personal standard when choosing projects.

Wong currently stars as Will Smith’s friend in Ang Lee’s “Gemini Man”, a film that the actor was attracted to because it raised interesting questions about cloning and the individual cost of war through the genre of sci-fi.

“I guess there are a few extra calls. Things have got slightly busier. But I still kind of have my own personal standard of looking for a good story. That’s all I’m looking for,” he told PTI in an interview here.

The actor is most popular for playing Kublai Khan in Netflix series “Marco Polo”, Wong, the master of the mystic arts within Kamar-Taj in “Doctor Strange”, “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame”.

Things have got busier after ''Doctor Strange'': Benedict Wong

Wong, 48, said the story of “Gemini Man” has been around in Hollywood for almost 30 years, waiting for technology to catch up.

“All three — Ang Lee, Jerry Bruckheimer and Will Smith were my reasons to be a part of this film. Also, we’re dealing with ethical questions of cloning and I’m sure that’ll be something that we’ll all discuss as audience members. This was a fascinating script surrounded in the action genre,” he added.

The actor said his character of Baron is like a “brother” to Smith’s part though they have chosen different paths in life.

“With Baron, there was a fork road that both of the characters are divided into. Henry (Smith) moved into the world of being an assassin, while Baron kind of opted for the quieter life.

“Not a lot is said about what happens in these wars but there is an element that people have seen enough horror that they choose to have another life,” the actor said.

The film also stars Clive Owen and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Distributed exclusively in India by Viacom18, “Gemini Man”, a Paramount Pictures movie, released on October 11.

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