The Witcher Season 2: Not Coming To Netflix In June 2021

The subversive fantasy elements, the dark humor, the amazing cinematography, and the intense storyline are what “The Witcher” was made up of and even more than this. We comprehend the longing for the Second season by the fans, but the sad part is that the latest Season isn’t coming to Netflix in June. Garnering a no. of awards and bagging the 2nd position among the most viewed series in 2019 on Netflix, the show had a spectacular run, but it will take some time to replicate the exact success again.

Reports had disclosed that the show had wrapped up the filming and the production earlier this year. Hence it was speculated that the show would be back in June. But according to the list of shows releasing in June by Netflix, “The Witcher” won’t be back in June. The post-production is still left, and that’s what is taking this much time.

The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher: Season 2 Release Date

The makers haven’t been revealing many details since they are trying to maintain the sanctity of the show, which requires that no spoilers are out, and the release date seems to be trailing a similar path. But we need to stay optimistic as Netflix had announced that the show would definitely be out in 2021, in the last quarter. Now given that, the show could release anytime from October to December.

Now since the postproduction will take some time and the original season was released in December, so the most probable date will somewhere fall in December. Until then, we can enjoy Witcher Season 1, which is Streaming on Netflix.

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Devisha Pareek
Devisha Pareek
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