The Winds of Winter Release date, Updates, Cast, Story by George R. R. Martin

Its been almost three years that the fans of Game of Thrones have learned about The Winds of Winter. In the sixth season of the critically acclaimed TV-Series, Game of Thrones, the context regarding The Winds of Winter story arc came into being. The good people in Westeros and the North began to gain an upper hand on the wicked in the 10th episode, i.e., The Winds of Winter. Moreover, after the premiere of the sixth episode, the long time fans of Fire and Ice saga learned that George R. R. Martin is working on another Novel.

The upcoming novel might not be similar to the events which took place in the Television world of Game of Thrones but we can expect mass murders, wars, and political conspiracy. Everybody misses Petyr Baelish, the man who singlehandedly started Game of Thrones. Let’s direct our attention to the book.

the winds of winter

What is the Status Quo on Winds of Winters?

George R. R. Martin has recently revealed that he prioritizes to finish the book by any means necessary. The new revelation has made fans believe that the writer is finally committed to finishing the book; nevertheless, it is not sure as to when the novel will be finished and in turn release.

Technically, Martin has been working on the book for over a decade now, and there is a possibility that the book will release this year. Source, are suggesting that the book would release during the event, Worldcon this year. If the information is credible then the book will release in a few months, i.e., August 2020.

George R. R. Martin also said that his fans can chain me and keep him in a pond of sulfuric acid until the book is completed.

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