The Wall: Game show of Vijay TV: Contestants, Details, Episodes, Start Date and How to participate ?

The Wall is a brand new game show aired by Tamil popular channel Vijay TV. The closest sources to the show reveal that it will be one of the largest shows in Indian Television history. In spite of this, the show is inspired and in a lot of ways similar to the American TV game premiered on NBC Channel.

In the American version of the show, it was Chris Hardwick hosting the show at first. Now Maverick Carter, LeBron James, and Andrew Glassman are the producers of this hit show. It was this year earlier that Vijay TV announced their idea for a new game show as the Tamil version of this already hit series. The Tamil version will be hitting the TV screens as soon as possible before the year-end.

The Wall: Game show of Vijay TV: Contestants, Details, Episodes, Start Date and How to participate ?

The Theme or Gameplay of THE WALL

The wall is literally present in the show. It is a 40ft page board a lot similar to Plinko board (A pricing game played on the game show The Price Is Right). The board is divided into 15 peculiar slots with each of them carrying different price amounts. There is Seven number of Drop Zones. There are balls that fall while they are playing.

The US counterpart has 3 different rounds and it is not confirmed whether it will be the same for Tamil Version also. The prize money of the Tamil version is reportedly Rs. 0 to Rs. 1 Crore. The prize money increases as the number of green balls dropping into the Pinko board. Soon more information will be available and we will be updating as it comes along. Let us know your opinion in the comments section.



  1. Super game.i liked it.and I following 🌟 star Vijay telivition program. I watching every day serials and programs I liked very much. Thank u for 🌟 vijay.i love you Soo much .I am in interested for the game.honestly waiting for your response thank you…

  2. Pls sir I am s. Harinipriya ag 17 year old , I am staying 12 the , next joining my mamy , daddy Roomba eangala padika vaika kastapaduranga, my brother 9th so next year 10th , avangaluku eannala mudindha hellp Nan pannanumnu ninaikuren sir pls this game show winning ,my family is life changing.

  3. I want to participate in this show. It’s my mother’s wish. Whenever she used to see any game show she will scold me that I’m not showing any interest in that. So this is the first time I’m trying to participate in the show. Waiting for ur response.Thank you.

  4. எனக்கு விஜய் டிவி சேனல் அனைத்து show ம் பிடிக்கும் எனக்கு அங்கே வருனும்னு ஆசை யா இருக்கு ஒரு ஆடியன்ஸ் ஆ கூப்புடுவிங்களா

  5. Hi I am amudha from banglore
    Please give me chance in wall game show
    I wont prou my self and I should pro to husband family I not a normal person also
    I don’t have any one relishion I am from orfanege hostel all seeing very chiply please give me chance Vijay TV sir

  6. வாழ்த்துகள். புதிய முயற்சி அருமை.எங்களை போன்ற அடித்தட்டு மக்களுக்கு வாய்ப்பு அளித்தால் நலம்.

  7. Hii eanaku Vijay tv romba virumbi barbom, big boss rasigai Nan , eanna mathiri oru ammaku eallam manathil irupadhu Nan patta thunbam ean kuzhaindhagaluku varakudadhu eanbadhudhan, eanaku hellp panna yarum illa , Nan romba eazhmai kudumbathil pirandhaval, so eannamathiri aaluku eallam Vijay tv udhavikaram neettinal indha jenmam irukum varai potruven, so pls selaktu me.

  8. Hi!🖑I’m vimalah from Malaysia.I would like to participate in this game show.I think it is a part life changing zone.I don’t want to win the money but i want to improve knowledge and get new ecperience by this show.Anywayz, All the best to the both hosts are i loved more and rock & success it.

  9. .l am very big fan of vijay TV.all the show are so nice.i like airtel super singer,bigboss and. I like your kalakapovathu yar.l want to join in wall show pls tell me how to participate..pls give me a chance.vijay TV is doing great and wonderful job for the country.we are all proud to say that vijay TV is karnan of the poor people.we are waiting for the reply.

  10. I’m Thangarajaa I’m Very very Big huge fan of vijay tv I would like to participate in the wall game show I’m watching vijay tv before 20yrsim very very very Big huge fan again again very big fan

  11. Hai I am olimathi, house wife. I am so interesting to see vijay tv all entenmnt programmes its really full fun. Game show anyone seeing, thinking am also want to participate interesting to involwe that. So I would like to participate that.

  12. Hi my name is Ms. Agasthiya from coimbatore. Iam big fan of your bigg boss show. Iam house wife. I haven’t had a TV competing role yet. So I want to share your TV show and get my experience. My husband and I want to attend the event. Please give me one chance thank you 🙏 contact : 9842280101, 9842280301

    • Hi this is sukanya I don’t know if I’m lucky or what and also not sure if I will get a chance by posting here but if in case that happens hope will have a good experience which is going to be interesting for me but the cause for wish that I want to participate is completely for my family proud girl of my parents

    • Hiiii,…. I’m Divisha I wanted to play this new and wonderful game show with my own sister Charumathi. If you give us a chance to play this game,we will be very thankful to you. Because we are going to play this game for my family.And we are eagerly waiting to play this game.Thank you.

    • Haii…VIJAY TV.I am requesting you to give me an opportunity to play a game show THE WALL .I don’t know that Iwill lose or win the game and also my family is in very critical situations please ….contact no: 9597154492

  13. Hello Team
    I just had a glance of comments it was cool and interested people eager to join in this game😊 even i wanted to join and play the wall game but luck decides whom to be played in this game and i strongly hope Vijay TV spine the dice to choose me!!! Im lokesh my contact number is 9566335538

  14. சூப்பர் விளையாட்டு . நல்லா இருக்கு இந்த விளையாட்டை விஜய் டிவி ல பார்க்கரதுக்கு சுப்ரா இருக்கு இந்த விளையாட்டை விளையாட எங்களுக்கும் ஒரு வாய்பு குடுங்க தயவு செய்து .

  15. Hi please help me Vijay team my name is jamuna na entha game vilayatanum please enakku help pannuga. Nanum enga appa senthu entha game play Panna porom. Ne panra entha help en sis 2 per life Nalla irukum please enakku help pannuga.enga appa vivasayam panranga. Roman kastama iruku please help pannuga. unga pathil ethirparthu kondu irupathu unga jamuna sis. Thanks Vijay team

  16. im loganayaki 24 years old im a widow my husband died causes for dendue fever i have one son 2.5 years old na 6 mnths pregnant ah irukkum podhu my husband died.wall la win pannura amt my son oda future ku amd then knjam financial problems irukku aadha solve pannanum plzz contact me indha amt my son oda feature ku useful ah irukkum im eagarly waiting for ur call sir.

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