The Walking Dead season 9 Release date: coming to Netflix in September 2019

The stage is all set for the release of the season 10 of the premium show The Walking Dead on AMC viewers are advised to go through the ninth season before the tenth season is aired. The tenth season is scheduled to release on AMC this October.

There’s no need to comment on the popularity of a show that is ready to be released for the ninth edition. It is understood that it is having some massive fan following.

Plot for the season:

Views will get to witness a hard-fought battle between the ‘Whisperers ‘ and the ‘Survivors’. Given the fact that the two communities are still recovering from the damage that was caused to them by Alpha, it will be interesting to see how they turn up against each other in the battle.


Norman Reedus as Daryl is confirmed. Melissa McBride (Carol) is also expected to feature in her old character. Danai Gurira (Michonne) is almost certain to miss the season. A new member of the Whisperer team called Gamma, played by Thora Birch will make a debut this time around.

Release of the ninth season on Netflix before the 10th season is out:

The streaming giant, Netflix has a tradition of releasing old seasons of their show, two weeks before the release of the latest edition. Following the same ritual, the season 9 will be available for the users in the month of September if to go as per the 2 weeks practice.

10th season of the show on Netflix?

The Walking Dead season 9 Release date: coming to Netflix in September 2019

There’s a slight confusion among the audience that the 10th season is set as aired on Netflix, no, the streaming rights for the 10th season is with AMC it will be released there only.

The tenth season will feature on Netflix somewhere in the latter half of 2020.

Release date of the 9th season of The Walking Dead:

The Netflix has not yet announced an official release date for the show, but they are soon expected to announce it considering the craze in the audience.

Expected the season to be aired on 1st of September if media reports are to be believed.

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