The Uppal Metro Station has developed dangerous cracks on its body?

There have just been some days passed since Ameerpet Metro Station dropped on a lady and killed her and there’s another dangerous scenery which might happen. The news is from Hyderabad where the Uppal station has got some serious cracks on its body and of course its a matter to panic because just a few days ago a similar incident has occurred in which an innocent lady got killed.

This time the cracks on the Uppal station are really very dangerous and huge. It is really a matter of concern, otherwise, the same incidents that happened a week earlier might happen again. And the cracks have also gathered people’s attention and hence it’s a good thing because now precautions might be taken. The government should soon give a check on the cracks caused on the Uppal station and repair them otherwise bad things might happen soon.

Managing Director of Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited, Mr. NVS Reddy clarifies:

But, wait for a second, What is happening? The quality of the materials used in the building doesn’t seem good. Obviously, the engineers who made this would know when to again give a check on the building as obviously, everything has an expiry date. So, did the building didn’t got a check or there has been some scam in the materials used? Even if a small piece of concrete falls on a person’s head he would get badly injured only if lucky otherwise maybe some serious brain damage, paralysis or death.

It is a newly made structure, precautions should be taken here because of this a serious matter which can threaten people’s lives outside the station and even inside the metro.

What Do You Think About These Situations? Do You Think Some Precautions Can Be Taken? If Yes, Then Please Share Your Thoughts With Us In The Comments Section That What Can Be Done To Avoid These Incidents?


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