The Untold Truth Of Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Untold Truth Of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Despite Marjorie Taylor Greene’s abrupt transition into politics, her longtime husband, Perry Greene, is happy to back his wife. The couple, who share three children together, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in August 2020, and Greene had no problem showing her gratitude for her man on their special day. “Perry, thank you for being my best friend and biggest supporter always! I love you!!” she wrote in a now-deleted post, per The Sun.

While MTG may have had a renaissance in her career, her husband has worked as the president of Taylor Construction, a building contractor business founded by his wife’s father, since 1997. Although he is new to the political arena with MTG, he doesn’t seem to have the same liking for attention. 

Although he’s now dark on social media, he was often spotted sharing her posts in the early days of her political career. But while the public eye might not be for him, he still supports Greene behind the scenes and was even her campaign treasurer, according to Newsweek. In fact, the Federal Election Commission has summoned him to provide additional details about the $3.5 million in donations MTG’s reelection campaign generated during the first two quarters of 2021, thrusting him into the forefront of his wife’s controversy.


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