The Untold Truth About Dierks Bentley

The Untold Truth About Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley, like many celebrities, and some politicians, doesn’t go by his first name. His given name? “It’s Fredrick Dierks Bentley, but my whole family goes by their middle name — my sister, my brother. So from day one, I’ve always been called Dierks,” he told Glamour.

Bentley added that the tradition runs so deeply in his family that his mother was upset when he didn’t carry it on with his son. Actually, none of his kids go by their middle names. Evelyn Day, Jordan Catherine, and Knox are all called by their first names, unlike his immediate family growing up, per Country Fancast.

Bentley is in good company in Nashville when it comes to stars who don’t use their real names. Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Shania Twain all go by different names than the ones they were born with. Even Bentley’s hero, Hank Williams, changed his given name, Hiram King Williams, for his career, per Wide Open Country.


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