The Truth About Steven Van Zandt’s Fallout With Bruce Springsteen

The Truth About Steven Van Zandt's Fallout With Bruce Springsteen

Speaking to the New York Post, guitarist Steven Van Zandt opened up about the unfortunate timing behind his departure from the E Street Band back in the 1980s, that all began with a fallout with his friend and bandmate, Bruce Springsteen.

“I just felt I was not being appreciated anymore, ’cause I was always his main adviser in a way, just from being his best friend, and then a new manager had come in and become his main adviser,” Van Zandt said. “I thought he’s not really paying as much attention to my advice as much as he used to. I felt like I should be part of the official management team, and he just disagreed with that ’cause I was his little brother in his eyes. So I thought, to preserve the friendship, I think the best thing to do is to leave, so that’s when I split.”

The guitarist went on to admit the decision was “career suicide,” as it happened just before Springsteen’s number one album, “Born in the U.S.A.” “It was more than just changing jobs — it was the end of my life,” Van Zandt said, revealing he had to “start all over” with his career.


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