The Truth About Lily Rabe’s Relationship With Hamish Linklater

The Truth About Lily Rabe's Relationship With Hamish Linklater

Despite dating since 2013, both Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater are relatively mum about their relationship. In an interview with The New York Times, it was noted that the couple chooses to remain private, opting to nerd out over their shared love of Shakespeare and the art of acting instead. But although they remain quiet over their relationship, their actions speak volumes to their humorous rapport and chemistry.

The interview starts off with Linklater singing a song as Rabe covers her ears in disdain. When Rabe pressed him about what song he was singing, Linklater reluctantly admitted it was Sam Smith’s “Stay.” Upon getting caught, Linklater stated, “Typically my serenading songbook is more Celtic and ancient.” Makes sense, given Rabe and Linklater’s affinity for the dramatics — literally. Outside of this, however, The New York Times noted that the two were initially open about their relationship during the interview. After several follow-up emails from the two, however, the publication decided to dial back on the behind-the-scenes details.

Nevertheless, while it’s obvious both stars have a shared passion for the art of acting, Rabe and Linklater are also united by one coincidental factor, that which has them bonded on an intrinsic level. What is it, you ask? Keep reading to find out!


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