The Truth About Katie Couric’s Nanny Who Allegedly Tried To Destroy Her Marriage

The Truth About Katie Couric's Nanny Who Allegedly Tried To Destroy Her Marriage

According to Page Six, Katie Couric revealed in “Going There” that she felt her relationship with Doris took a turn for the worse one night when Doris asked for a hug. Couric wrote that although she was initially uncomfortable, she figured Doris must be very lonely. However, the requests for hugs continued. “It all felt so creepy,” Couric wrote, although she continued to comply because she “was completely dependent on her.”

Doris essentially became a member of the family, accompanying them on vacations and to visit Couric’s now-late husband Jay Monahan in Virginia. In Virginia, Couric claimed Doris refused to allow visitors to see the family, turning them away at the door. “An alarming level of codependency had been achieved,” she wrote. Couric finally decided to fire Doris when Monahan moved in with her in New York. Doris was allegedly annoyed by his presence and threatened to quit when Monahan was mulling over staying home and writing a book. Couric realized Doris was apparently “delusional” and attempting to “destroy [her] marriage,” and so the newswoman abruptly fired the nanny.

But the Doris drama wasn’t done yet. “Embarrassing” stories about the family appeared in tabloids, and flyers accusing Monahan of being a pedophile were distributed in the family’s new building — all of which Couric pinned on Doris. Out of fear for their daughter Ellie, the couple hired an ex-cop to monitor her preschool, and even contemplated a restraining order. Luckily, Doris eventually faded away.


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