The Truth About David Lee Roth’s Retirement From The Entertainment Industry

The Truth About David Lee Roth's Retirement From The Entertainment Industry

David Lee Roth was an original member of the infamous Van Halen. Known for his eccentric, unconventional performances, Roth was a staple in the band. But the group had many personality conflicts that arose, even publicly at times.

In fact, Roth reportedly didn’t get along with one of the founders of the band, Eddie Van Halen. According to The Washington Post, the album “1984” was the last one with Roth as the main singer. After the release, he would venture into his solo career, and Van Halen would hire Sammy Hagar to replace him.

While the band went on to score its first number one album, “5150,” with Hagar, it wasn’t long before Roth would return to the band. It seemed the music mattered more to Roth and Van Halen more than their disputes. In 2015, Van Halen told Billboard, “I think it’s now built into people’s DNA, that it just won’t be Van Halen if it’s not Roth’s voice.”


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