The Truth About Carole Middleton’s Multi-Million Dollar Business

The Truth About Carole Middleton's Multi-Million Dollar Business

Carole Middleton says that she had an “aha” moment right before Kate Middleton’s fifth birthday. Because she couldn’t find any decent decor for her daughter’s party, she decided to start her own family business that would help personalize both celebrations and occasions, big and small. That’s when Party Pieces was born. Recalling that moment, Carole told the Daily Mail, “I realized there was a gap in the market for party ware that wasn’t too expensive and which looked good, so decided to design my own. I took some prototypes to various High Street retailers and was turned away.”

Almost 35 years later and the Middletons’ business is worth an estimated $40 million, according to Hello!, and offers a range of themes from Harry Potter to Peppa Pig and even casino nights for adults, according to the Party Pieces website. Meanwhile, the Middletons’ total net worth sits around $67 million, per Town & Country

Now, as far as how Carole juggles her the demands of her business along with her role as both a mother of three — and grandmother to more — she says it all boils down to good old fashioned discipline. She told the Telegraph, “I think one of the most important qualities of a good parent is discipline. That doesn’t mean you’re strict, but routine is vital. Maybe structure is a nicer word.” Now that’s something we think Queen Elizabeth would agree with.


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