The Title Race in La Liga

The El Classico battle for the title contention is back, and it’s more exciting than ever. It will be another long season if you’re a Real Madrid or Barcelona fan. Real now holds the edge, 1 point ahead of Barca with 32 points, after 12 games.

Atletico Madrid is 3rd with a 9-point deficit from 1st place. Here is a look at factors affecting and might impact the la Liga title race in the future.

How European Competitions Are Shaping The Title Race

This week saw the conclusion of the UEFA Europa League group matches, where we saw:

  • Real Madrid qualify
  • Barcelona relegated to the lower League
  • Atletico Madrid being eliminated

So, how does all this affect the title race?

Real Madrid Progression and Dropped Points Against Girona

The UCL defending champions aced their last group match, winning 5-1 against Celtic. In their previous league match against Girona, they dropped crucial points at home after a 1-1 draw.

It was a frustrating match that also saw Toni Kroos’ first red in his career.

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Though we still credit Girona for holding Ancelotti’s squad, the upcoming UCL match had a play in the result.

He will be making more tactical changes in the future for both competitions, an aspect that can prove challenging for any top-flight coach. It becomes more challenging as defending champion in both tournaments.

Barcelona’s Relegation and Injury Woes to Affect them?

Yes, they are relegated to the lower European League, but this may be a blessing in disguise for Xavi’s team. The competition features relatively easier matches for a group of Barcelona’s caliber, providing a better understanding of the La Liga title race.

However, this year features more competitive teams like Sevilla, Arsenal and Manchester United. Like his opponent, Carlos Ancelotti, these games will significantly contribute to the title race.

Additionally, despite winning the last group match against Viktoria Plzen, 4-2, it came at the cost of new signing Frank Kessie. He joins the long injury list ahead of the final games before the World Cup.

Other Spanish Teams in Europa and Their Position in the League

  • Real Bets: 4th
  • Real Sociedad: 5th
  • Sevilla: 18th

Considering how good Betis and Sociedad are, they might be a huge factor in the title race at the end of the season.

How the World Cup Impacts the Title Race: The Rest of League to Edge Closer?

Different club officials, including coaches, have criticized the timing of the 2022 World Cup. Most players might be subject to injuries, especially in the country’s heat conditions.

With the top two teams already dealing with injuries, no one wants to lose any more key players, especially with club competitions returning shortly after the tournament. Not to forget that these players will have to handle fatigue, plus those proceeding deep in the semis or finals needing a more extended break.

Teams with relatively fewer players called in their national squad will be looking to capitalize on the aspect. A team like Real Betis, tied with Atletico Madrid in points after 12 games, is looking to exploit the tired top three teams.

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The two Spanish giants only share one loss in total between them, where Barcelona lost in El Classico’s first leg. The worst-case scenario for the teams is racking injuries after the World Cup, resulting in a lack of squad depth and key players to fight for the title actively. As La Liga fans, we might see the best title race we’ve had in a while.

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