The technology behind Online slots

Technology has grown exponentially during the last twenty years. Not only our technological devices have boost their power, but also what feeds them like the internet and broadcast networks have experienced the same improvements.

New forms of media are constantly being launched and exposed to the masses, maybe even too many at this point. We have Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and many others. Streaming is even experimenting with videogames allowing us to play without even owning an expensive console. 

The technology behind Online slots

Cell phones, tablets and handheld devices are no exception. This has opened a new horizon at the palm of our hands.

Another means of entertainment that has been following the tech trends is gambling. It has always been like that, believe it or not. 

Slot machines, for example, started as a mechanical poker game and they were placed on bars and canteens. Back in the 18th century they were primitive, in a way, and consisted of five mechanical reels which had poker cards printed and the basic objective was to make poker by rolling the reels by pulling a lever on the side of the device.

They did not possess the technology to pay prizes so you would have to claim your prize to the bartender, and the they were usually drinks or treats. Not too bad!

As technology advanced throughout the years slots followed and they passed from mechanical to electrical components. Then in the early 2000’s the reels were replaced with touchscreens that allowed a vast variety of slots. Going from fruit crush, candy crush and even movie franchises. The internet started to gain popularity and the slots path was divided into two main branches.

In one hand you have the physical slots, which are still pretty advanced with attractive interfaces and fast response touchscreens. The great advantage of digital slots against mechanical and older slot models is the easy of service and update of the machines. 

On the other hand you have online slots. With phones and tablets following tech trends it was a matter of time until players gave this alternative a chance. 

At first skeptical, as with any new technology, players were lured into this media with incentives such as free spins and extra jackpots or even virtual money to give you a glance of how the game works. 

So, the question that arises frequently is: what’s under the hood of these online slots? 

We will lay it down as easy as possible for you in this article. 

There are mainly three big components when developing an online slot: 

Interface and audio: 

This is what the user sees, and the first thing to interact with the player. It has to be attractive and easy to understand. The interface has the huge responsibility of teaching you how to play the game in just a few clicks (within the free spins, usually), otherwise the player might feel cheated or that the game was not fair.

 It relies on attractive colors, characters and even movie / game franchises to make them look familiar and relate with characters. Online versions of popular mechanical slot machines are available too. These approaches make older players feel right at home. 

Also, sound and music are extremely important. The sounds used in online (and physical) slots are studied to trigger our interest in the game and they must feel rewarding when we win. It is a must that music and sound do not fatigue our ears. They must seat in the background and form the experience as a whole. 

Game logic

We won’t say it’s the most important aspect of the game, but had it not existed the game might not feel as fair as it is.

Online slots are specifically programmed using a random logic engine providing players with the same experience they might get in a land casino and the same excitement. Radom Logic Games is one of the companies behind many of online slot sites.

These software companies submit their algorithms to eCogra for approval. The verification organism is located in London and its objective is to keep gambling fair by analyzing winning odds on all gambling games. 

The technology behind Online slots


We talked about the engine, we talked about audio and visual. Now, that we have our game programmed and ready to be played by millions of users it needs to be uploaded somewhere.

That’s where all network engineers and programmers come in play. You can’t imagine how many people are behind each one of these games, working day and night to keep them online. There are server maintains, netcodes that need to be debugged and checked every minute and, on top of everything, they need to be secured. 

Players trust not only their names and personal information, but also their credit card numbers, PayPal accounts, and there’re even online casinos that accept bitcoins as payment method. All accounts and network need to be secure-locked to avoid hackers from stealing sensitive info. 

Speed is key also with any netcode. Games need to keep up with the player speed. While some players may think their moves and play slowly, others prefer a more fast-paced experience, and the connection needs to be up to the challenge.


When playing online slots it feels natural, and there as reason for that. There is a complex infrastructure behind the screen where compelling visuals, attractive soundscapes and state of the art programming supports your experience. 

All this is possible because a team is 24/7 working to make online gambling safe. And it works! 

Gambling online is more accessible than ever. There’s a game type for all kinds of players. If you like classics there’re the old-school slots such as your favorite Leprechaun and Pharaohs. If you are into movies and TV shows, there are Star Wars slots, Batman slots and Big Bang Theory. 

You can always go to a land casino to enjoy big slot machines if you prefer, but if you want to stay away from restrictions, dress codes and expensive meals you can stay home and play your favorite slots online on any of the devices you already own.

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