The Strange Way Vin Diesel Got His First Acting Role

The Strange Way Vin Diesel Got His First Acting Role

Who hasn’t done bad things as a child? Whether it’s drawing on the walls with crayons or spilling your food on the floor, we’ve all certainly been there. But things were different for seven-year-old Vin Diesel, who seemingly thought vandalism would be a much more fitting crime. The California native, who moved to New York City at a young age, revealed to People in 2002 (via CNN) how he and some friends once broke into a theater in Greenwich Village with the intent to vandalize it. Little did he know that this act of childhood aggression would change the course of his life forever.

Upon getting caught by artistic director Crystal Field, Diesel told People he “thought she was going to call the cops. … She said, ‘If you guys want to play here, come every day at four o’clock and learn your lines,'” he further added, and the rest was history. Accompanied by $20 and a script for a play entitled “Dinosaur Door” (via Elite Daily), Field gave the seven-year-old Diesel a chance to prove himself to the acting world and he never looked back.


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