The rise of local news platforms – the tale of Avalanches

Local news outlets play a crucial role in informing community members about local events. They assist to develop community perspectives around shared values and beliefs, fostering a feeling of common purpose that may be a strong force within a town or county.

The newspaper industry has been going through a structural decline – independent local papers are not competitive enough to survive in a media landscape dominated by programmatic advertising and social distribution.

The rise of local news platforms - the tale of Avalanches

But can something provide that kind of comprehensive coverage that’s could have been found within a lot of local newspapers? That’s what inspired the formation of Avalanches – a global network of hyperlocal news.

The History of the Platform

The project was founded in 2018. The main concept behind its foundation was to create an informational space bringing together both aspiring writers and readers to create and contribute to the development of one single platform of high-quality reliable news from all the regions and districts around the world.

Avalanches allows its users to solve pain points you definitely can relate to :

  • The news is beginning to lose their relevance when they reach people from remote areas. It takes some time to get to know what’s going around your neighborhood – imagine how time-consuming it is to stay in touch with regions nearby, let alone city and country.
  • It can be pretty exhausting to gather information from several resources. You know the feeling when you just found a good local news provider that doesn’t cover news on a global scale.
  • The current media ecosystem produces too little high-quality information. Without a source solid source of local news, people get most of their news from social media, leaving them vulnerable to disinformation and exacerbating political polarization.
  • Platforms are looking for new ideas as they struggle with content moderation rules and policies. Despite their efforts to respond to damaging information, platforms see themselves as lacking the legitimacy and competence to function properly.

We bet that at least one of the problems described above is familiar to you.

Unlike platforms covering local news only, Avalanches enables you to keep abreast of both local and global updates. The platform consists of 4 different news feeds – City News, Country News, World News and Personal Feed. First things first, all the publications appear at the City Stream, then Country Stream and reach its peak being displayed in the World Stream. But the post doesn’t climb up the streams by itself – the users by their interaction with it decide whether it should move up or remain unseen.

Avalanches is already on its way to replacing back in the days’ successful newspaper reporting with a rapidly evolving comprehensive platform that fosters citizen journalism.

What do you need to become a member of Avalanches’ community?

Anyone with digital gadgets, who registered and verified the account on the platform, can upload content freely and call themselves a citizen journalist. At the same time, every user can serve as a validator of news published by reacting to it – in a positive and negative way. It’s a win-win for everyone involved – writers discuss the topics that matter to them and the audience reads and checks their accuracy.

Overall, Avalanches is an absolute breakthrough in terms of news! If you’re searching for something quick, easy, and totally new to try, Voila! You discovered it!

Take a look at all of the things that Avalanches has to offer!

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Josh Linus
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